"Richmond Food Fight"

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  • Veronica Keeton
    commented 2015-07-10 03:01:34 -0700
    I agree with the comments made by Charles Smith. But this is no laughing matter. The State and Federal government should come and investigate all their egregious practices and put the entire RPA pack down, before they destroy the our city.

    Also watch for new Richmond Sewer assessments any say no.. The City has ignored our failing sewer systems for years although they been receiving tax dollars to maintain it for years. Question: What have they done with that money?
  • Daniel Butt
    commented 2015-07-06 14:14:33 -0700
    The council decision to relocate the Red Oak Victory – built here in Richmond by real Rosies to supply the war effort, and a centerpiece of the National Park- to the doldrums is especially troubling this 4th of July weekend, and yet another example of the RPA-3`s inexorable ineptitude and intolerance for dissenting opinions.

    After meeting with, and being lobbied by a large Chinese-backed corporation (the winery), and another large corporation (Foss), the RPA-3 led the charge by trumpeting and parroting the lines they’d been fed: that the city was obligated to move the historic tourist-destination, was already behind schedule, and that the winery was even willing to help fund the move. If they’d read the lease however – perhaps too much to ask of our public servants – they’d know the city was under no such obligation, and that the only mention of the ROV in the lease is an obligation on the winery’s part to pay half the cost.

    When called on their short-sighted pandering, councilmember Beckles responded that the winery owner, Mr. Brown, assured her that he had no dog in the fight and no preference where it was moved. The directly contradicts an email sent from Brown on June 10 to all the councilmembers decrying that a move to the closer location would take months and be disastrous for the wineries plans to showcase their spectacular bay views this summer.

    I posted the above comments in response to Councilmember Beckles defense of her actions on her Facebook page, and it was promptly deleted by her – something I find very troubling from a public official.

    This follows the disastrous and expensive mind-control space weapon ban that cost the city substantial resources and made a national mockery of Richmond, and their current plan to boost Richmond’s economy by inflating the city payroll with Richmond residents. Of course if they did their homework they’d have known that residency requirements for city hiring are illegal under the California constitution.
  • Charles Smith
    commented 2015-07-06 11:41:43 -0700
    This characterization of the Richmond City Council is very funny as well as accurate. This behavior will not change unless we institute district elections of our City Council members. The Richmond Progressive Alliance (RPA) is the current incarnation of a long line of special interest groups which have dominated our City politics under our at-large system of electing the City Council. The RPA represents primarily the newer, gentrifying elements moving into Richmond in response to rising housing prices throughout the Bay Area. They have become an extremely disruptive element in our City government. They don’t understand and threaten basic principles of freedom of speech. They have alienated significant portions of the African American community, the Hispanic business community and working class residents of all ethnic backgrounds. The RPA voted for a 15 year moratorium on new taxes on Chevron; they supported three regressive tax measures; they have insulted members of the community during Council meetings, and they promote unqualified RPA members to run for office. An egregious recent example of their arrogance was the vote to move the iconic SS Red Oak Victory ship from a prominent berth on the Richmond shoreline to accommodate an out-of-town wine company’s desire for unobstructed views of the Bay. Richmond voters want neighborhood empowerment, not elitist ideologues telling us what is best for us.

    Watch for a district elections initiative on the 2016 ballot. AND VOTE FOR IT!
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