A Principal's Perspective on the Richmond Promise

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Chevron’s $35 million Richmond Promise grant gives high school graduates a financial incentive and opportunity for college.  One hundred percent of Richmond residents attending Salesian College Preparatory graduate and enroll in college or university.  As Richmond residents, these Salesian graduates are very much a part of the City of Richmond’s present and future leadership.  Salesian graduates are residents, parents, police officers, fire fighters, educators, Chevron employees and business leaders in the community.

At a recent Richmond Promise meeting an assumption was shared that the Richmond Promise will have “a positive effect on our schools” as a paradigm of “equity, opportunity, collaboration, and resources.”  This paradigm is to be applauded if it provides equal opportunity for all of our Richmond graduates.  To fulfill this paradigm, the Richmond Promise requires equity for all Richmond graduates pursuing higher education.  To be inclusive requires opportunity for all. 

Salesian graduates from Richmond are as challenged as other area students.  More than 70 percent of our students received some amount of tuition grant or merit scholarship.  All Richmond residents deserve to be included in the Richmond Promise regardless of where they graduate high school.


By: Timothy J. Chambers, President and Principal, Salesian College Preparatory

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  • Allison Villarante
    commented 2015-10-22 17:52:13 -0700
    I am surprised and dismayed to hear that the Richmond Promise does not include all eligible disadvantaged students in Richmond regardless of where they attend high school. There should be no discrimination made between those disadvantaged students that manage to get a grant/tuition assistance to attend a private school and disadvantaged students in public school in participating in the Richmond Promise program. They are disadvantaged students who live within the city limits and the purpose is to give them all a step up so that they can become vibrant and successful parts of the Richmond community. Their families all shop, attend school and church as well as vote in Richmond. What a shame that not all are treated equally. Look at the message you are sending those young people.
  • Christine Mann
    commented 2015-10-22 12:39:47 -0700
    The Richmond families who send their students to Salesian pay taxes in Richmond, vote in Richmond, and are part of the local environment affected by Chevron. They are families that care deeply about their children’s education and in many cases have have made great sacrifices to send them to the best school they can afford. I think those families deserve to be part of this program.
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