Anti-Democratic Forces Are Always at Play

Don Gosney


On Saturday morning Richmond Progressive Alliance co-founder and candidate for Lieutenant Governor Gayle Mclaughlin emailed out the following message:


She failed to be more explicit about what those anti-democratic forces might be so Radio Free Richmond emailed her asking of she could elaborate on this. Β When she responds, we'll be sure to post her response.

Looking for an illustration for this article, RFR Google-searched the phrase 'anti-democratic forces'. Β Almost without exception there were hundreds of images similar to the one posted above along with images from the Middle East and despot countries in Africa. Β Google was not much help.

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  • Todd Groves
    commented 2017-09-02 16:14:48 -0700
    Maybe it was a misspelled surgical equipment reference. You know,“anti-democratic forceps.”
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