The “Wild West” Council

The Richmond City Council retained its “wild west” reputation at Tuesday’s meeting, as Vice Mayor Jonvanka Beckles was unable to corral the members to accept her suggestions for new rules of order.   The meeting dissolved rapidly and ended in disarray. Continue reading

Jovanka Beckles: Making Room for All Voices

My day job for the past 14 years has been that of a mental health clinician specializing in work with children and adolescents and their families. Perhaps the most important aspect of my work beyond keeping the child safe, has to do with examining and shifting behaviors that do not serve them. When there is an identified problem within the family, it is critical to look at the behaviors - especially behaviors that are tied to agreements families make. When the agreements do not serve the family in a healthy way, an unhealthy system is established. The whole family is affected and everyone must look at the behaviors that result in the identified crisis that brought the family to seek assistance. Continue reading

Watch the World Cup in Richmond

Not everyone can just fly out to Brazil for a few weeks to catch all the World Cup action live and in person.  Luckily, for the rest of us, we have some great options to watch the action right here in Richmond California. Just want to watch at home with some good food? We got you covered. Continue reading

Greg Feere: Jobs Jobs Jobs!

Our Richmond residents and our local building trades’ men and women need the long awaited jobs Chevron’s Modernization Project will provide. We have waited long enough and should not be made to suffer further delays to a well-planned project. Chevron and city staff members worked together to produce an 1,100-plus-page report that is among the most comprehensive ever prepared involving an oil company seeking to modernize facilities, our own Attorney’s have reviewed and analyzed this report in detail. Continue reading

Local Restaurants: Philadelphia Hoagie Station

Philadelphia Hoagie Station is a small food stand on 23rd Street. Its a classic hole in the wall serving up great food – a hidden gem among the many restaurants crowding the main street. Continue reading

Bea Roberson: Do the self-proclaimed experts at the CBE really know what they're talking about?

Communities for a Better Environment (CBE) must think Richmond residents aren’t too smart. They seem to believe that we don’t investigate issues, but instead take all “facts” at face value. Continue reading

Don Gosney: Will a JROTC Program Come to De Anza High School?

Some editorial comments prior to the discussion of instituting a Junior Reserve Officer Training Program next year at De Anza High School.  This issue comes before the meeting of the Board of Trustees of the West Contra Costa Unified School District’s meeting on Wednesday June 11th. Continue reading

Don Perata: AG Letter Hurts the Community

It has come to our attention that Democratic State Attorney General Kamala Harris last Friday inexplicably and unexpectedly filed an 11th Hour letter challenging the Richmond EIR for its failure to address public safety and air quality issues, among others. Continue reading

Tom Butt: A Ferry Coming to Your Neighborhood? We Need Your Support

After years of wondering, it appears that the prospect of a Richmond Ferry is about to hit the fast track. Those of you who want to see it happen should plan to attend the Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) Board Meeting on June 18, 6:00 PM, and show support by signing up to speak on the item. Continue reading
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