Tom Butt: Attorney General Slams Chevron Modernization EIR

Although apparently a letter from the California Attorney General critical of the Chevron Modernization EIR arrived at the City Friday night, no one bothered to tell the City Council about it. Continue reading

Contra Costa Times: Richmond Homeless Workforce Conference to Address Employment Skills

Reposted from the Contra Costa Times: Robert Rogers. Continue reading

North Bay Business Journal: San Rafael Startup Urban Remedy Plans Point Richmond Expansion

This article is reposted from the North Bay Business Journal: Eric Gneckow. Continue reading

Nat Bates: Mugsy's Back

Mugsy took a vacation and was absent during the past several weeks but he was back at his post Tuesday night as the City Council continues to sputter along. In Executive Session, the Council received a tentative plan by the City Manager in response to the City's $20 million budget shortfall. Continue reading

Local Restaurants: El Tapatio

El Tapatio looks like any other local Mexican food joint in a commercial district except for one thing – it has a food truck literally built into the side of the brick and mortar structure.  Oh, and Richmond locals widely agree that the food also happens to be delicious. Continue reading

Budding Aspirations

Rebecca Vasquez is the successful founder of the now 4000-patient strong Holistic Healing Collective in Richmond.  She recently won a prestigious award from the National Association of Professional Women honoring her achievements in entrepreneurship.  Continue reading

Council Makes Waves in FEIR Approval Process; Moves Minimum Wage Forward

The Richmond City Council took on a packed schedule last night at its first scheduled meeting for the month of June.  There were 24 items on the agenda and that did not even include the 18 citizens who stood up to speak during the open comment forum alone. Continue reading

Troubled Times Ahead

Richmond’s municipal government may face a challenging year ahead as its financial difficulties mount.  Projected budget deficits for the year range from $7 million to $20 million and the city instituted a hiring freeze as a first step to address the fiscal crisis. Continue reading

The Richmond Gin-ius

It would be easy to overlook the Falcon Spirits distillery if one did not know the address to look for in Richmond. Continue reading
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