Richmond Hosts 4th Annual Ride of Silence Event

May is National Bike Month and, in observance, the city of Richmond will play host to riders taking part in the 4th Annual Ride of Silence (ROS) tomorrow, May 21. Continue reading

EVENT: 4th Annual Richmond Summer Book Giveaway

Reposted from 4th Annual Richmond Summer Book Giveaway Facebook page. Continue reading

Bea Roberson: Mayor Leaves Community in the Lurch at DMC Discussion

I recognize that many mayors have very crowded and busy schedules that they must try their best to keep, to further the interests of their respective cities. Continue reading

Steven W. Ramm: Minimum Wage is Garnered by Good Intentions, But Does the City Council Know What It’s Doing?

Economic stimulus is great, but raising the minimum wage in Richmond may not be the way to get it there. Continue reading

Richmond Tax Dollars at Work

Despite new rules to shorten meetings and bring a modicum of respect to the Council chamber, Tuesday night’s meeting seemed anything but cordial. Continue reading

Contra Costa Times: Richmond Freezes Hiring, Stares at Gaping Budget Hole

Reposted from the Contra Costa Times: Robert Rogers. Continue reading

Richmond Housing Advisory Commission Has Not Held a Meeting Since January

Where does the monthly meeting of Richmond’s Housing Advisory Commission take place?  The answer to that question will probably surprise many of Richmond’s citizens. Continue reading
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