Bea Roberson: Who is CBE? Why are They Here?

I must quote Councilperson Booze, “Why do they come to Richmond? Because it is easy!”  Because we let them. Continue reading

Richmond Standard: Google Picks Richmond's Pogo Park as Finalist for Major Grant

Reposted from the Richmond Standard - Mike Aldax. Continue reading

Accent Advocate: Cultural Atmosphere Diverse, Strong

Reposted from the Accent Advocate - Lorenzo Morotti. Continue reading

Rosa Lara: City Commissions Favor RPA Speakers at Every Meeting (Las Comisarías de la Ciudad de Richmond favorece al en cada reunión a las altavoces de la organización RPA)

I was not allowed to stand up and speak in favor of the Chevron EIR at the last Richmond Planning Commission meeting. Continue reading

Game of Thrones: Bathrooms Take Center Stage at Council Meetings as Budget Woes Continue

While the battles for the kingdoms of Westeros play out on HBO and in the prose of author George R. R. Martin’s novels, an entirely different group of prima donnas – more local and certainly more real than Mr. Martin’s characters – have been fighting it out over thrones of a decidedly more porcelain nature here in Richmond. Continue reading

Don Gosney: Can't We All Just Get Along?

How is it that we’ve become a society where we can no longer agree to disagree?  How is it that when we start a discussion it devolves into World War III with a take no prisoners attitude? We seem to have forgotten the rules of civility that we were taught as children and we go for the jugular right away. Continue reading

Uncertainty About Deficit Grows

There is a growing discrepancy between the figures that are being thrown around at Richmond City Council meetings regarding the operating deficit.  The city will confront this issue head on when it comes time to pass its new budget this year – sometime in the next month. Continue reading

Contra Costa Times: Richmond Moves a Step Closer to Sales Tax Hike to Fix Streets

Reposted from the Contra Costa Times: Robert Rogers. Continue reading

Richmond Hosts 4th Annual Ride of Silence Event

May is National Bike Month and, in observance, the city of Richmond will play host to riders taking part in the 4th Annual Ride of Silence (ROS) tomorrow, May 21. Continue reading

EVENT: 4th Annual Richmond Summer Book Giveaway

Reposted from 4th Annual Richmond Summer Book Giveaway Facebook page. Continue reading
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