EVENT: Impacts of Richmond’s Minimum Wage Increase on Richmond Businesses

The Richmond City Council is interested in providing information to and receiving feedback from the business community regarding the impacts of a minimum wage increase. Continue reading

VIDEO: Council Votes on Staff Recommendation to Deny EIR Extension

The City Clerk registers Vice Mayor Beckles vote on the denial of the EIR extension.  The only problem is, she was not present in order to cast a vote. Continue reading

Bea Roberson: Special Treatment for Out-of-Towners is Unfair

Tuesday’s City Council meeting was disappointing, to say the least.  Once again, people from outside our community came into our city council meeting to speak on local issues.  The worst part is that they were given preferential treatment by our mayor as usual. Continue reading

Beckles Leaves Early; Draft EIR Review Extension Proposal Fails

A proposed extension to the legally mandated time period for public review of the Chevron modernization project DEIR failed at Tuesday’s Richmond City Council meeting. Why? Vice Mayor Jovanka Beckles went missing. Continue reading

Chevron Modernization EIR Debate: RPA Says They Want Refinery Safer and Cleaner; Workers and Experts Say “You Got it.”

The Richmond Progressive Alliance and its supporters insist that the Chevron modernization project needs to result in a revamped refinery that is safer for the workers and runs cleaner and more efficiently in the interest of saving the environment.  Continue reading

Nat Bates: Yet Another Long, Fruitless Council Meeting

Another long, fruitless and late evening through 11:30 PM with the council reviewing only three and one half items of thirty three on the agenda. Continue reading

Rosa Lara: The Road to Ruin: Why the City's 23rd St Bike Lane Plan is Bad for Business

The city faces the dual challenge of helping businesses grow and supporting environmental sustainability. The 23rd Street revitalization proposal – as currently presented – is a clear example of this conflict. The imposition of bike lanes and a large center median ignores the legitimate need for a surging retail revival on 23rd Street. Continue reading

No Budget Solutions in Sight for Richmond as Deadline Draws Near

Richmond faces a stark financial realty as the deadline for next year’s budget approval rapidly approaches. Continue reading

Contra Costa Times: $7 million deficit should be a piece of cake for Richmond problem solvers

Re-posted from The Contra Costa Times: Tom Barnidge Column Continue reading
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