Bea Roberson: New Council Rules Give Citizens Even Less Voice in Richmond

The Richmond City Council rolled out its new procedures for pulling agenda items for discussion at meetings on Tuesday evening. Continue reading

EVENT: Mother's Day Pancake Breakfast Sunday on the SS Red Oak Victory

Reposted from the West County Times Facebook page. Continue reading

CIR: Public Housing Workers Reap Thousands of Dollars from Dubious Overtime

Reposted from the Center for Investigative Reporting at Continue reading

Nat Bates: Council Meeting Shows Richmond Needs Help

Holy Toledo!  $20 million plus in the red and the beat goes on and on!!! Continue reading

EVENT: RPAL Hosts Boxing Event in Richmond

The Richmond Police Activities League is hosting a boxing exhibition in Richmond this weekend.  The event will take place this Saturday, May 10th, 2014 at 2200 Macdonald Ave, Richmond, CA 94801. Continue reading

New Rules to Prevent Long Meetings Cause Confusion and Longer Meetings

Last night’s Richmond City Council meeting began with the City Clerk reading new rules that had been adopted to prevent lengthy council meetings. Continue reading

Contra Costa Times: Richmond Takes Step Toward Higher Minimum Wage

Reposted from the Contra Costa Times: Robert Rogers Continue reading

Antwon Cloird: Richmond Needs a New Approach to Housing

The city of Richmond has no idea how to approach the public housing problems that the community is facing.  Continue reading

Lexi Pandell: Why I Love Richmond, California

I'll be the first to admit that I didn’t spend significant time in Richmond until I was a reporter there during grad school. The city was a bit out of the way, and I didn’t think it had anything I couldn’t find in the other parts of the East Bay I frequented. Continue reading

Felix Hunziker: Mayor Blacklists Local Latina Activist, Cinco de Mayo Organizer

I've attended Cinco de Mayo planning meetings for several years because the Police Commission staffs a public outreach booth. The last several festivals were organized by Rosa Lara, President of the 23rd St. Merchants Association, who, with her team, has succeeded in building an ever larger, safer, and family-friendly celebration of Mexican culture. Continue reading
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