Richmond Councilmember McLaughlin Resigns

From the Office of Richmond Mayor Tom Butt Continue reading


In its second year of operation the Richmond Promise Scholarship Program held a celebration on 25 May to honor the 440 recipients of the scholarship.  The program, held at the Richmond Memorial Auditorium, was yet another attempt to recognize those Richmond students who are making the effort to attend college. Continue reading


Do you know any young adults from the ages of 16-24 interested in becoming a leader? Are you interested in helping out your community? Would you like to host a workshop or mentor a young adult on their pathway to SUCCESS? Continue reading

Heavenly Coffee Shop



  “This is an unprecedented abuse of Federal power”--Joe Cotchett, lead attorney for Richmond.   Continue reading


Some thoughts on the announcement that another major business is leaving West County. Continue reading

How the RPA Failed the Police Commission

I’ve read with some dismay how several RPA councilmembers publicly castigated former Councilmember Vinay Pimplé for his votes on the Perez shooting and Police Commission reforms. As those stones have already been cast I think it’s only fair to point out the RPA’s own dismal failure to ensure police accountability and transparency in Richmond. Continue reading

RPA Controlled Council~An Editorial

At the Richmond City Council meeting of 17 January the Council was tasked with addressing Item I-12--a simple consent calendar item approving Mayor Tom Butt’s appointment of former Councilmember Vinay Pinplé to the Citizens Police Review Commission. Council members Beckles, Willis and McLaughlin took exception to this appointment and shot it down. There has been great concern in Richmond regarding the perceived takeover of the Council by the Richmond Progressive alliance--which now holds five of the seven seats.  And with Jael Myricks often voting with the RPA-5, there have been concerns voiced about whether the many non-RPA members in the CIty will be represented at all. In the past, at least two members of the Council who held high ranking positions in the RPA wrote in emails that they refused to listen to people who disagreed with them. Many have voiced their concerns after this vote about the political nature--the payback nature--of this vote and see it as laying down the groundwork for what’s to come. Many other committee/commission members who have their own appointments up for renewal in the near future or those that were considering serving the City worry that any consideration of their future may depend on whether that applicant has drank the RPA Kool-Aid.  Will all applicants now be required to swear their allegiance to the tenants of the RPA if they expect to have their appointment approved?  If they don’t, should they expect the RPA members of the Council to publicly humiliate them?  Do qualifications matter any more or has it come down to political ideology? Earlier today Mayor Tom Butt posted the following commentary on his eforum.  Included was a letter from an unnamed Richmond resident that eloquently voiced concerns about what happened with this vote.   Continue reading

Career Opportunities Waiting for Applicants

  Right now, on the other side of town, there are several thousand construction hands working in the Chevron refinery.  They’re making good money with benefits.  This is a good thing. Continue reading
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