Nat Bates: Yet Another Long, Fruitless Council Meeting

Another long, fruitless and late evening through 11:30 PM with the council reviewing only three and one half items of thirty three on the agenda. Continue reading

Rosa Lara: The Road to Ruin: Why the City's 23rd St Bike Lane Plan is Bad for Business

The city faces the dual challenge of helping businesses grow and supporting environmental sustainability. The 23rd Street revitalization proposal – as currently presented – is a clear example of this conflict. The imposition of bike lanes and a large center median ignores the legitimate need for a surging retail revival on 23rd Street. Continue reading

No Budget Solutions in Sight for Richmond as Deadline Draws Near

Richmond faces a stark financial realty as the deadline for next year’s budget approval rapidly approaches. Continue reading

Contra Costa Times: $7 million deficit should be a piece of cake for Richmond problem solvers

Re-posted from The Contra Costa Times: Tom Barnidge Column Continue reading

County Board of Education Seeks Applicants to Fill Board Vacancy

The Contra Costa County Board of Education voted at its March 19, 2014 meeting to fill the Board vacancy in Trustee Area Two created by the unexpected death of Ellen Elster through an appointment rather than an election.  Continue reading

Chevron: Chevron Richmond shares plans for a newer, safer, cleaner refinery during Telephone Town Hall

Richmond residents had a chance to learn more about the proposed Refinery Modernization Project during Chevron Richmond’s second-ever telephone town hall held last week. Continue reading

VIDEO: Pinole Point Business Park Development Press Conference

Video from press conference announcing new development at Pinole Point Business Park on April 7, 2014. Continue reading

Contra Costa Times: Developer to build massive distribution facility at Richmond's Pinole Point Business Park

Re-posted from the Contra Costa Times: City leaders on Monday hailed the recent purchase of a closed steel factory in the city's Pinole Point Business Park by a Sacramento-based developer, calling the deal a step toward the city's emergence as a distribution and logistics hub. Continue reading

Pastor Washington: The Challenges of Relocation

It is with much appreciation and gratitude that we address, you, the audience committed to see fair housing opportunities for those who will be displaced by the corrective process needed to relocate the residents of Richmond's Public Housing buildings. Continue reading

Rosa Lara: Let's Make the DREAM Act a Reality (Vamos a hacer la reforma del Dream Act, una realidad)

Richmond is supposed to be the city of “Pride and Purpose.” Our representatives are supposed to share the common purpose of improving the lives of all community members. So why is the City Council spending long hours on a policy resolution calling on Congress to stop shipping crude by rail, while they continued to ignore community appeals to draft a resolution demanding that Congress approve the DREAM Act? Continue reading
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