Video: Council Discusses Ban on Clapping, Clears Chamber

Video from Tuesday, March 18, 2014 meeting of the Richmond City Council. Continue reading

City Council Tries to Ban Clapping

The Richmond City Council bizarrely considered a motion to ban clapping at the March 18th city council meeting. Continue reading

Nat Bates: First Amendment Rights

It appears Mayor McLaughlin, Vice Mayor Beckles and Councilman Butt need a history lesson review in the US Constitution's first amendment rights. Continue reading

Greg Feere: Put Us to Work Now

Greg Feere, Contra Costa Building and Construction Trades Council CFO, comments on the Chevron Modernization Project. Continue reading

Don Gosney: Regional Increase in Minimum Wage Will Hurt Richmond

On Tuesday the 18th of March the Richmond City Council is considering a regional increase in the minimum wage to be paid some employees working in Richmond.  For the record, I believe this to be a bad idea. Continue reading

Don Gosney: Give the Public Time

After an unbelievably long wait time I see that we finally have the Draft Environmental Impact Report available for Chevron’s Modernization Project. Continue reading

Nat Bates: The Politics of Renaming Macdonald Avenue

Although the City of Richmond election for mayor and four city council members is not until November of this year, the infamous Richmond Progressive Alliance is off and running to woo voters toward their slate of candidates. Continue reading

Felix Hunziker: Grow the Hell Up

Can the foolish behavior on our City Council get any worse? Political pandering and infighting were again on full display as they fumbled with the Richmond Housing Authority crisis at the March 12th special meeting. Continue reading

Contra Costa Times: Finger Pointing Grows Over Blame for Richmond Public Housing Crisis

Re-posted from the Contra Costa Times: Revelations about mismanagement and poor conditions in the city's public housing system have touched off a flurry of finger pointing, with local politicians asserting that dwindling federal funds are at the root of the Richmond Housing Authority's crisis. Continue reading

Nina Smith: Response to Councilman Butt's Comments

I feel compelled to respond to Councilmember Butt’s comment, quoted in the West County Times on March 7, 2014, in which he implied that public housing residents’ expectations of safe and habitable apartments was akin to expecting “maid service.”  Continue reading
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