Rent Control: By the Numbers

Richmond's Rent Control ordinance is complicated. Here's a visualization to help make sense of it.


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  • John Knox
    commented 2015-08-30 22:12:26 -0700
    The problem with “just cause” is its very premise: that somehow by being a tenant you have a right to continue to occupy the space forever. Tenancy is by definition a possessory interest in property for a limited term. You sign a one year lease, or a month to month agreement, and you establish the term during which you have a right to occupy so long as you perform your end of the agreement. What is being attempted here is to grant tenants an additional property right for free: the right to stay indefinitely regardless of the term of the agreement. This changes the property owners’ perspective on renting considerably and will both make them far more selective and likely to try to charge the highest possible price to offset the risk of being “stuck” with a bad tenant and or not being able to sell or convert the property to owner occupancy without substantial additional cost.

    The advocates conjure up horror stories of people being evicted unfairly (which likely are not the whole story), and completely ignore the burden placed on property owners (since they are “evil” landlords anyway).

    I hope every current and prospective property owner in
    Richmond wakes up to what is going on here. . .
  • Dennis Dalton
    commented 2015-08-12 09:25:04 -0700
    Sean, according to City Managers Office, all rental units in Richmond are covered by the “just cause” provision which includes compensation to tenants if they are asked to vacate. Selling your rental home or condo, moving back to it, putting in your relative, may mean one needs to pay a reward plus moving expense fee to the evicted tenant. If this information is incorrect please explain or edit. Or have Don and Felix weigh in.
    Of course. "bad’ tenants may be remove without penalty, or those who voluntarily leave, but bring witnesses or documents to the newly constituted board as proof. And be very patient as there will be those ahead of you awaiting adjudication. An “Orwellian” nightmare.
  • Veronica Keeton
    commented 2015-08-11 15:03:07 -0700
    Although this is a good visual, it does not explain the impact of “Just Cause”. “Just Cause” does not only affect current rental properties, but future properties as well. People should really read the details of “Just Cause”. No one is talking about that negative impact which is problematic and requires higher rents. “Just Cause” can become extremely expensive to property owners if their rents are not high enough to cover the cost and that affects rent prices. Therefore, I believe this is one reasons the rents are so high in other rent controlled and just cause cities (e.g. Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco), and do not work.
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