City of Pride and Purpose: Richmond, CA 2014 Election Results: Chevron defeated but less than 6% Ain't an "Ass Kicking"

blogimage.jpgA post this morning stated: "The People, united, will never be defeated!" and that Chevron got its ass kicked.

Let’s put it into perspective.

Richmond has a population of 107,000.

“The People” consisted of 10% who voted for mayor.
Butt:  5,537 votes 

(less than 6% of “The People” voted “yes” and he only beat Bates by 1,719 votes)


Four-year council seat showed a little more enthusiasm where a little over 28% of “The People” voted.

McLaughlin: 4,880 votes
Beckles: 4,679 votes
Martinez: 4,214 votes

Less than 5% of “The People” voted yes.


Two-year council seat 10% of "The People" voted:

Myrick: 5,153 (less than  6% voted yes)


Less than 6%
 of “The People” thought enough of these candidates to vote them in.  Not exactly my definition of an “ass kicking”.
Regardless of who “won” or who “lost” with what the results show, Richmond as a community lost this election.

Rather than basking in the glow of victory or lamenting the agony of defeat, we as a community, meaning the entire population of Richmond, need to pause and consider the systemic cause of this truly humbling and mortifying turnout.

By: Richmond residnet Jason Myres. Reposted from his blog, City of Pride and Purpose

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