Don Gosney: When they increased the minimum wage, was this the result they were hoping for?

blogimage.jpgNo matter how well intentioned, our actions can sometimes have adverse affects on us as they backfire.

San Francisco columnist (and former San Francisco Mayor and Speaker of the Assembly) Willie Brown wrote the following in his article published in the 12 October San Francisco Chronicle:
“Hotel restaurants may soon be a thing of the past here in San Francisco. I’ve had more than one manager tell me the city’s continuously rising minimum wage and union rules are making it impossible to make money anymore.
“We take in a million a year at our restaurant, but it’s costing us $1.6 million a year to operate,” one hotel manager told me.
The prediction is, hotels will convert their restaurants to self-serve breakfast buffets, just like the Hampton Inns out in the suburbs.”
Well intentioned civic leaders need to understand that for just about every action they take there’s a cause and effect to consider before they take action.  We all know that the minimum wage is woefully low and needs to be increased dramatically but proponents have to be willing to face the consequences of their actions when businesses and their customers aren’t willing to fill the bill.
This brief article has gone viral since it came out less than one day ago with anti-minimum wage advocates using it as ammunition to thwart efforts to increase the minimum wage in their own locales.

By: Don Gosney, Richmond resident

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