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Lynn Mackey

On November 6th we will have a chance to use the full weight of the electoral process to determine who will be the next Governor of California and our representative in the US Senate.  There will be numerous state propositions, a race to serve in the State Assembly, three positions on the Richmond City Council, the Richmond Mayoral race as well as the State Superintendent of Education.

 As important as these are, here in Contra Costa County there is also a critical race being contested for the Contra Costa Superintendent of Education.

Radio Free Richmond has extended an offer to both candidates for this position to post their own words to let you, the voters, know their positions on what they believe to be the important issues.

The candidates have also been invited to post guest editorials on the issues of importance.

RFR will post a new candidate statement every couple of days.

Lynn_Mackey_RFR.jpgTeaching our most at-risk students inspires my career as a teacher, principal and Deputy Superintendent of Schools for our county. 

I was one of those at-risk students and know what can happen when the education system doesn’t work for them.  I dropped out.  I returned to school in my twenties, realizing education was my path to a better life.

My journey as an educator began 21 years ago with the Contra Costa County Office of Education. First as a teacher in our jails, later as a principal and as a curriculum specialist and now as deputy superintendent.  I manage our education programs and curriculum including special education, early learning and alternative and adult education.

I have deep knowledge of the superintendent’s responsibilities and our Office of Education’s educational services, oversight and training programs.  I know how to spend our local education tax dollars effectively.  The superintendent also independently reviews the budgets of all 18 school districts to ensure they are fiscally sound. 

My priorities as superintendent include keeping school districts fiscally sound in light of flat funding and rising costs.  We can do more to prepare students for college or career and provide more education and opportunities in career technical education. 

I am a firm believer that students attain success through rigorous programs of study and also taking care of their social-emotional health.  The final ingredients needed for successful student outcomes are to have excellent teachers who are provided good working conditions and competitive compensation and to empower parents and students to have a voice in their educational programs.

I am proud to be endorsed by current Superintendent Karen Sakata and current and former California Superintendents of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson, Delaine Eastin and Jack O’Connell.  More than 75 local educators from across the County support my candidacy. 

I am passionate about my work and the work of the County Office of Education.  I am an educator, not a politician.  But, I know how to work with politicians to be heard and to fight for resources for our students.


'18 ECDC/WCDems CCC BOE Supe ~ Lynn Mackey

YouTube Link To Candidate Forum

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