Founded in February 2014, Radio Free Richmond is a partnership by local resident activists Don Gosney and Felix Hunziker with BMWL, a regional public affairs firm with a long history of West County community engagement.

  • New Leader for West Contra Costa School District

    West Contra Costa School District Announced Matthew Duffy as its New Leader

  • 'Time With Tom'

    Richmond Mayor Tom Butt Hosts a ‘Time with Tom’ Gathering at Jered’s Pottery in the Heart of Richmond's Clayborhood

  • United Urban Warrior Society Hosts Walk

    United Urban Warrior Society of Central California Hosts Second Annual Native American Walk for Sobriety


    Local Spot Offers Some of the Most Celebrated Vietnamese Food in the Area


    Nearly 85% of West Contra Costa Unified School District (WCCUSD) students in the Class of 2015 Earned Their High School Diploma, According to Data Released by the California Department of Education

  • 5 Faces of African American History in Richmond

    Richmond is a Bastion of Rich African American History

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    Should Catherine Montalbo be Appointed to Serve on the Richmond Community Police Review Commission

    Appointments made to the Richmond Community Police Review Commission have become highly politicized. Some members of the community—with major support from the Richmond Progressive Alliance (RPA) and their members serving on the City Council—have their own ideas about what qualifies an applicant to serve their community on this commission. A couple of years back former Councilmember Vinay Pimplé was nominated but the RPA backed members of the Council refused to allow the appointment to be ratified.  These RPA Councilmembers took exception to previous actions made by Pimplé when he served on the Council. On Tuesday, March 19ththe Council will take action to either accept or reject the nomination of Catherine Montalbo.  Petitions, Facebook comments and the RPA Newsletter all advocate against her serving on this commission with many of the comments claiming that she’ a racist. One claimed that she wasn.t Latina enough to serve. Radio Free Richmond has offered Ms. Montalbo an opportunity to address these charges against her.  The following is a letter sent by Ms. Montalbo to the Mayor and the Council.
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    Richmond's Alysa Liu ~ National Figure Skating Champion

    Richmond has been home to a number of professional athletes over the years playing football, baseball, golf and a sundry of other sports. And recently, Richmond’s own Alysa Liu became the national figure skating champion.
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    Between Two Teachers ~ #1

    INTRODUCING BETWEEN TWO TEACHERS In September 2018 – during the local school board election - we started a YouTube channel and named it “BETWEEN TWO TEACHERS.”  “We” are Consuelo Lara – a veteran teacher with 16 years experience in West Contra Costa schools and Madeline Kronenberg – a veteran teacher who taught for 30 years at Hayward Adult School and has been an active parent leader in West Contra Costa since the mid 1980s.  Today, Consuelo is on the board and Madeline is a former board member.
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    WCCUSD Call for a Moratorium on Charter School Expansion

    Consuelo Lara is a member of the West Contra Costa Unified School District's Board of Education. Radio Free Richmond offers an opportunity for concerned citizens to voice their opinions on issues of significance to the community. At the Board meeting on Wednesday February 6th, the Board will discuss a proposed moratorium on the expansion of charter schools in the WCCUSD. The proposed resolution is Item E.2 in the agenda packet.  The Board meeting is scheduled to commence at 6:30 PM at DeJean Middle School at 3400 Macdonald Avenue in Richmond.  
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    A day in the life of a new school board member: Institutionalized Racism Rears Its Ugly Head at The WCCUSD School Board Retreat. Institutionalized Racism is the process of purposely discriminating against certain groups of people through the use of biased laws or practices. Often, institutionalized racism is subtle and manifests itself in seemingly innocuous ways, but its effects are anything but subtle. CONSUELO LARA IS A NEWLY ELECTED MEMBER OF THE WEST CONTRA COSTA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT'S BOARD OF EDUCATION.
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    Out With the Old and In With the New

    There’s a certain order to things when new councilmembers are sworn in.  It’s a process that has largely been unchanged since people started electing their neighbors to represent them.
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    At 4:26 PM on Wednesday November 28th, Contra Costa County posted their long-awaited update to the November 6thelection.
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    Anthony Caro ~ Concession

    As part of the coverage of the local races running up to the General Election of November 6, Radio Free Richmond offered candidates an opportunity to post op-ed stories on the issues.  Although unusual, we are also affording candidates an opportunity to post their thoughts on the election.
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    2018 Elections ~ All Over But the Shouting

    It’s all over but the shouting—and the gloating, finger pointing and commiserating.
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    Anthony Caro ~ In His Own Words

    On November 6th we will have a chance to use the full weight of the electoral process to determine who will be the next Governor of California and our representative in the US Senate.  There will be numerous state propositions, a race to serve in the State Assembly, three positions on the Richmond City Council, the Richmond Mayoral race as well as the State Superintendent of Education.  As important as these are, here in West County there is also a critical race being contested for three seats on the West Contra Costa Unified School District’s Board of Education. Radio Free Richmond has extended an offer to all eleven candidates for the Board to post their own words to let you, the voters, know their positions on what they believe to be the important issues. The candidates have also been invited to post guest editorials on the issues of importance. RFR will post a new candidate statement every couple of days.
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