Founded in February 2014, Radio Free Richmond is a partnership by local resident activists Don Gosney and Felix Hunziker with BMWL, a regional public affairs firm with a long history of West County community engagement.

  • New Leader for West Contra Costa School District

    West Contra Costa School District Announced Matthew Duffy as its New Leader

  • 'Time With Tom'

    Richmond Mayor Tom Butt Hosts a ‘Time with Tom’ Gathering at Jered’s Pottery in the Heart of Richmond's Clayborhood

  • United Urban Warrior Society Hosts Walk

    United Urban Warrior Society of Central California Hosts Second Annual Native American Walk for Sobriety


    Local Spot Offers Some of the Most Celebrated Vietnamese Food in the Area


    Nearly 85% of West Contra Costa Unified School District (WCCUSD) students in the Class of 2015 Earned Their High School Diploma, According to Data Released by the California Department of Education

  • 5 Faces of African American History in Richmond

    Richmond is a Bastion of Rich African American History

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    Cindy Reyes ~ One of Richmond’s Pride

    Anyone who has been around a college bound senior in the Spring can tell horror stories about the angst they go through as they wait for those college acceptance letters.  Did they get into their college of choice?  Will the financial aid package be enough?  How much student debt will they carry for the rest of their lives?  The World Court would be well within their rights to declare that this is cruel and unjust and claim it to be a war against humanity.  Yet it prevails every Spring.
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    Updated Election Results ~ 12/02

    With the penultimate vote tally coming from the County’s Elections Office late on Friday night we’re seeing an additional 3200+ ballots counted in Richmond and a bit over 6800+ additional ballots counted in West County.
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    Holiday Food Drive

      The Richmond Community Services Department is kicking off their holiday food drive with Crafts & Cocoa!
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    Ryan Cutter ~ All-State Cross Country Runner

    The sun had popped up nearly an hour and a half before the first race of the day but when the gun when off to start the Boys Division 4 race at the CIF State Cross Country Championship it was still a chilly 48º.  More than 2,000 runners had gathered from across the state to compete in the California Interscholastic Federation’s state championship at Woodward Park in Fresno.
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    Election Update ~ 11/23 ~ More Ballots Counted

    Updated election results were posted on Wednesday morning with about 650 additional ballots counted in Richmond and about 1100 in West County. The count continues with Elections Commissioner Joe Canciamilla saying that county wide there are still about 50,000 ballots to be counted.  According to Canciamilla, these ballots have been damaged and require individual attention as they’re counted. He continues with his prediction that the vote will be certified on December 6.
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    Election Update ~ 11/18

    At 3:20 PM on Friday the 18th of November the Contra Costa Elections Division reported their fourth set of results for West County elections. With a 71.4% voter turnout county wide, this current run of ballots added in the neighborhood of 1200 to the vote tally for Richmond. The Elections Office has until December 6th to certify the vote count although more vote tallies are expected before then.
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    Updated Election Results 11/15/16

    In the third update to the local election results after the November 8th Presidential Election, posted on Tuesday 15 November at 4:59 PM, Radio Free Richmond is posting the results as they currently stand. The Contra Costa Elections Department has 28 days after the election to certify the results.  They are still counting Vote-by Mail Ballots.  When they’ve finished that count, they will then count the Provisional Ballots. The second update came just five days ago and there were approximately 4700 additional ballots counted in this update. What should be of particular interest is the high percentage of Vote-by-Mail ballots cast.  Each candidate/measure has their own percentage but the count so far is upwards of 63%.  As more ballots are counted, that percentage is expected to rise.
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    Updated Election Results

    Between Election Day and the final certification of the vote, the Contra Costa Elections Department will be updating their vote count.
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    Have You Seen This Person?

    EAST BAY, CA - Have you seen the teen pictured above? Luciana Castle has been reported missing. She's just 16 years old, stands 5'5, and weighs 120 pounds. She was last seen in Richmond but frequents Berkeley. If you have information about Luciana, call the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office at (925) 646-2441 or Detective Kacalek at the Berkeley Police Department at (510) 981-5900. -Image via Berkeley Police  
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    Preliminary Election Results

    Many people think that when the news services report election results moments after the polls close, that these are real results. The truth is more complicated than that.
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