Founded in February 2014, Radio Free Richmond is a partnership by local resident activists Don Gosney and Felix Hunziker with BMWL, a regional public affairs firm with a long history of West County community engagement.

  • New Leader for West Contra Costa School District

    West Contra Costa School District Announced Matthew Duffy as its New Leader

  • 'Time With Tom'

    Richmond Mayor Tom Butt Hosts a ‘Time with Tom’ Gathering at Jered’s Pottery in the Heart of Richmond's Clayborhood

  • United Urban Warrior Society Hosts Walk

    United Urban Warrior Society of Central California Hosts Second Annual Native American Walk for Sobriety


    Local Spot Offers Some of the Most Celebrated Vietnamese Food in the Area


    Nearly 85% of West Contra Costa Unified School District (WCCUSD) students in the Class of 2015 Earned Their High School Diploma, According to Data Released by the California Department of Education

  • 5 Faces of African American History in Richmond

    Richmond is a Bastion of Rich African American History

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    Grandson Says Mural Artist Welcomed Controversy

    If you want to stir the masses, try censoring someone.  Even though we weren’t there, we all remember when the Nazis had their mass book burnings because they disagreed with the content. Victor Arnautoff took great pride in being a controversial muralist during the Depression years.  The San Francisco Unified School District’s Board of Trustees has been trying to find a way to ‘protect’ the students at Washington High from seeing the subject matter of The Life of George Washington—a set of thirteen murals that show parts of history that the SF school board have taken exception to. What is ironic is that while the San Francisco School Board initially voted to destroy the mural but has recently revised their vote to simply cover it up (at a cost of more than $800,000), the Richmond Museum of History recently recovered their own Arnautoff mural and are working diligently to preserve it. Melinda McCrary, Executive Director of the Richmond Museum of History, has offered the following about Richmond’s Mural:
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    Richmond Awash in Rosies

    From Wikipedia: “During World War II, Richmond built more ships than any other shipyard, turning out as many as three ships in a single day. The shipyards are part of the Rosie the Riveter/World War II Home Front National Historical Park, whose the Rosie the Riveter memorial sits on the former grounds of Shipyard #2.”
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    National Night Out ~ Richmond Style

    How many times have you been sitting in front of your 70” flat screen watching the latest reality TV when you notice a couple of strangers walking by and wander into your neighbor’s yard.  You get yourself all shook up, maybe call the police, snap a video and post it on Nextdoor and THEN learn that these are your new neighbors—the ones that have lived in your neighborhood for a couple of years but because you love your privacy and your flat screen TV, you’ve never met them.  Kind of embarrassing, isn’t it?
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    Richmond Career Fair

    Sometimes it seems like the world is falling down all around us.  It’s too late to file for the Presidency and writing code for Google just doesn’t ring your bell.  So what are you going to do?
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    Immigration Town Hall Meeting

    As a nation of immigrants, we know that America is stronger because of its diversity. To help answer questions and hear what Contra Costa residents have to say about the current changes and uncertainty in our nation's immigration system, we will host an immigration town hall on Monday, August 5th at 6:30 p.m. at St. Mark's Catholic Church in Richmond.
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    Richmond City Manager Terminated

    SOME INFORMATION BELOW HAS BEEN UPDATED By a 4-3 vote in Executive Session the Richmond City Council voted to terminate the contract with recently hired City Manager Carlos Martinez. Councilmembers Choi and Myrick joined Mayor Butt in voting to retain Martinez with Councilmembers Martinez, Johnson, Bates and Willis voting to terminate. Martinez started his term as the City Manager last October with a five year contract after serving in a similar position at East Palo Alto. Martinez has been struggling to close the $7+ million budget deficit he inherited.  Considering that there were scant few programs left to cut, reducing the costs of City personnel was one of the few remaining options. Laying off workers is never a popular thing to do and when word got out that Martinez was planning cuts, the social media sites were burning up with rumors. A large chasm between Martinez and City worker unions has festered with the unions claiming that Martinez has refused to communicate with them and work out details on how to handle the budget crisis. From what was said by multiple speakers at multiple Council meetings, the way that Martinez was interacting with the City workers made it very difficult to maintain harmony and efficiency in the work place. Community Services Director Rochelle Polk was appointed as the Acting City Manager while the Council searches for a more permanent replacement.  She has declined this appointment.  Mayor Butt has scheduled an Emergency City Council meeting for 10 AM on Saturday July 27. Martinez had a five year contract with Richmond and his termination allows him a severance package with one year’s salary and benefits.    
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    Among the many hats worn by Don Gosney is that of the current Chair of the Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee tasked with looking over the collective shoulders of the WCCUSD School Board and staff to ensure that the $1.8 billion in Bond Funds are spent according to the wishes of the voters and the law. Don has been a part of the Bond Program since 1998 (even before it officially existed) and has served in the CBOC for more than 9 years.  In recent years when the WCCUSD has completed a new school a commemorative plaque has been affixed to a wall so people in generations to come might know who was responsible for the fine new facility.
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