Cristal Banagan: 1st Ever Little Free Library In North Richmond Opens Saturday

On Saturday, May 3rd at 1pm, Cristal Banagan and LOL Educational Community, the grassroots educational/social justice organization Cristal has started will present the first ever Little Free Library in Richmond. Continue reading

New Direction to Help Homeowners

Mayor McLaughlin garnered national headlines last year when she championed a controversial plan to seize private mortgages of underwater homes.  Despite her best efforts, the plan never gained super majority support. Continue reading

Bob Campbell: The Case for Measure C; the funding for Doctors Medical Center

It has been more than a year since I have written anything dealing with politics, locally or otherwise, so I thought I would pen a few words on a major issue taking place in West Contra Costa County, the potential closure of the Doctors Medical Center in San Pablo, California.  Continue reading

Nat Bates: The Most Dysfunctional City Council

I never envisioned things could get so bad on the Richmond City Council but this past Tuesday night together with the recent several meetings; this has to be the very worst and most dysfunctional council I have witnessed during my 35 years as a councilmember. Continue reading

EVENT: Impacts of Richmond’s Minimum Wage Increase on Richmond Businesses

The Richmond City Council is interested in providing information to and receiving feedback from the business community regarding the impacts of a minimum wage increase. Continue reading

VIDEO: Council Votes on Staff Recommendation to Deny EIR Extension

The City Clerk registers Vice Mayor Beckles vote on the denial of the EIR extension.  The only problem is, she was not present in order to cast a vote. Continue reading

Bea Roberson: Special Treatment for Out-of-Towners is Unfair

Tuesday’s City Council meeting was disappointing, to say the least.  Once again, people from outside our community came into our city council meeting to speak on local issues.  The worst part is that they were given preferential treatment by our mayor as usual. Continue reading

Beckles Leaves Early; Draft EIR Review Extension Proposal Fails

A proposed extension to the legally mandated time period for public review of the Chevron modernization project DEIR failed at Tuesday’s Richmond City Council meeting. Why? Vice Mayor Jovanka Beckles went missing. Continue reading

Chevron Modernization EIR Debate: RPA Says They Want Refinery Safer and Cleaner; Workers and Experts Say “You Got it.”

The Richmond Progressive Alliance and its supporters insist that the Chevron modernization project needs to result in a revamped refinery that is safer for the workers and runs cleaner and more efficiently in the interest of saving the environment.  Continue reading
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