A Beloved Family Member Has Run Off

Don Gosney

Many of us have extended families—some members of which shed on our couches, piddle on the carpet and demand our attention night and day. I’m referring to our pets.  They may be ‘just’ animals but they’re family.


When we lose a member of our family, through death, divorce or inattention, it can alter our lives profoundly.

On the 19thof September, 2016, Otilio Martinez Jr. or 'Nico' was gunned down. The loss to his family and friends is being felt even two and a half years later.

Nico’s mother, Josie Martinez, has her memories but one of the few physical items that Nico left her was his beloved dog, Kratos.

On March 17thKratos ran out of the yard and has not been seen since.

Josie is begging the community to keep their eyes peeled for Kratos.

If anyone sees Kratos, please contact Josie at 233-0202 so she can be reunited with this beloved member of her family.



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