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Founded in February 2014, Radio Free Richmond is a partnership by local resident activists Don Gosney and Felix Hunziker. Together they represent the editorial board of Radio Free Richmond that determines which issues to cover and reviews editorial submissions by the public. 

Don_Gosney_Head_Shot_(RFR).jpgDon Gosney: a journalist and perpetual city council meeting attendee, his prolific and insightful commentary has benefited many civic and elected leaders and members of the local media. Don has served his community in many capacities including the WCCUSD Citizens Bond Oversight Committee, The Ivy League Connection, the Pt. Molate Restoration Advisory Board, the Point Molate Blue Ribbon Advisory Committee, the Contra Costa Central Labor Council and the General Plan Advisory Committee.  Don is also the retired President of the Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 342. For 44 years Don has been a member of the print and electronic media all over the world.


Felix Hunziker: an active community member and volunteer for everything from tree-planting to crime prevention to neighborhood cleanups, he currently serves on the Richmond Police Commission. When not helping neighbors or nudging public officials, he can be found hiking the East Bay hills or romping with his dogs. 



Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • Who Owns RFR? The Radio Free Richmond website is owned and paid for by Don and Felix. 
  • Who Writes the Articles? All opinion pieces are provided by the community with the author’s name listed in the byline. Some neighbors who write for RFR request assistance with composition, grammar and punctuation. RFR does not edit the content, point-of-view or gist of submissions. Any assistance provided is done with the express participation and written approval of the author. The author has the final word on what is published.
  • Will You Publish My Story? Very likely. RFR welcomes all points of view with a focus on giving voice to those who have none. See our About page for our manifesto and ground rules.
  • Can I Comment On Your Stories? Yes. RFR welcomes comments on any of its stories — including critical ones — and only edits or removes these comments if they use profanity, hate speech or “spam” (e.g., commercial offers unrelated to original post, multiple instances of the same comment, etc.).

Community Contributors

Radio Free Richmond welcomes diverse community voices to stir unique conversations. Here is a list of our contributors to date:

Dr. Sharon Drager
Steven W. Ramm
Bea Roberson
Rosa Lara
Don Gosney
Charles Smith
Kenneth Davis
Jackie Thompson
Maiya Newsome-Edgerly
Teri James
Ebony James
Vernon Whitmore
Pastor Henry Washington
Angelina Faggett
Nat Bates
Corky Boozé
Lloyd Madden
Jeff Wright
Antone Agnitsch
Felix Hunziker
George Austin
Lesa McIntosh
Philip Hu
Mike Raccoon Eyes Kinney
Jim McMillan
Christina Barrett
Sarah Calderon
Libby Smith
Sabrina Saunders
Rebeca Garcia-Gonzalez
Joshua Genser
Diedre Goree
John Marques
Maria del Rosario Sahagun
Redge Green
Mayra Padilla
Melanie Myers
Teresa Baker
Liz Bittner
Jael Myrick
Sandy McNeel
Vinay Pimplé
Sarah Kobrinsky
Bishop Sean Teal
Cesar Zepeda
Tania Alexander
Miriam Wong
Oscar Garcia
Nancy Barba
Tim Cates
Liza Dadiomov
Kate Sibley
David A. Brown
Alicia Gallo
David Schoenthal
Patricia Ornelas
Arnold Dimas
Abril Ortega
Kimberly Hoh
Qian Jun Chen
Timothy J. Chambers
Rodnia Parker
Izabel Rodriguez
Melissa Garibay
Zachary Fontanilla
Brian Buttacavoli
Luis Gonzalez
Diana Ramirez
Arturo Castaneda



Want to join their ranks? Send your opinions and story ideas to: [email protected]


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