Bea Roberson: Time to take back control of our city

blogimage.jpgRichmond has a problem with people from out of town dictating OUR local policies and procedures.  During last week’s Planning Commission hearing, Communities for a Better Environment showed up – as usual – to argue all the imagined flaws in the proposed Modernization project. However, CBE, ACCE, and the RPA didn’t show up with a list of local supporters of their cause or demonstrate their local support.

In fact, they showed up with only 40 people, MANY OF WHOM ADMITTED TO LIVING OUT OF TOWN. Compare that to the 10,120 signatures from registered Richmond voters and you have to ask: HOW is such a small minority getting such preferential treatment?

The voters of Richmond want to see this project move forward so that people can have jobs and support their families while having a cleaner safer refinery. Councilmember Tom Butt recognized that when he pushed his ruling forward that allows the City Council to move on this item without the approval of the Planning Commission. As a resident of Richmond, I thank Councilmember Butt for his leadership to get our people to work.

We constantly hear “we” and “us” from CBE representatives when they talk about the effects to the community.  They are not from our community, nor are they going to be around after the project is done.  They will have gone on to wreak havoc in another community, to stall “Big Business”, to garner headlines, no matter what lies they have to tell to do it.  Here, quite frankly, they have told nothing but half-truths and lies to stall this project as long as possible. CBE has NEVER ONCE come here and talked about the many other forms of pollution in Richmond, such as trains or 18-wheelers. They are ONLY here to bash Chevron and bash the largest revenue source this city has. CBE has NOT offered to help community groups, schools, and residents of Richmond with 30 million dollars NOR WILL THEY. Simply put: CBE cares about STALLING this project, STALLING progress, and don’t have a problem with STALLING the livelyhood of needy Richmond families .

Let the Richmond voters speak up for THEMSELVES.  The Richmond voters want Modernization. LET'S GIVE IT TO THEM.

PS.  The stories that have and will appear in RFR are written by me and I have never been paid for anything.  They represent my opinions and thoughts, so don’t be fooled by what some people say.   As anyone who knows me, is aware, I don’t mind sharing my opinions with anyone.   

- Bea Roberson, Richmond Resident

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