Between Two Teachers ~ #1


In September 2018 – during the local school board election - we started a YouTube channel and named it “BETWEEN TWO TEACHERS.” 

“We” are Consuelo Lara – a veteran teacher with 16 years experience in West Contra Costa schools and Madeline Kronenberg – a veteran teacher who taught for 30 years at Hayward Adult School and has been an active parent leader in West Contra Costa since the mid 1980s.  Today, Consuelo is on the board and Madeline is a former board member.


We believe our channel fills a void addressing education issues – local, state and national - through our teacher voice and perspective.  Together we have over 65 combined years teaching experience! 

Our channel has developed into one having a strong “social justice” point of view.  Our backgrounds make us most concerned about our student population that is underserved, under-represented and targeted.  Our vision is one of equity for all students and for education to fulfill its promise.Between_Two_Teachers-2_RFR.jpg

We each have our own website where you can learn more about us individually:

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Consuelo Lara and Madeline Kronenberg

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