Charter Schools 101.2

Don Gosney


Charter schools seem to be the wedge in the world of education that divides communities.

  • Contra Costa County has 17 charter schools with 11 in West County and 10 in Richmond.  What makes Richmond the target of the charter community?  Why was Richmond listed as one of five target cities by a national charter school advocacy group to join several large cities as a charter school community?
  • Are charter schools—which, under the law, are public schools—better and more successful than traditional public schools?
  • What is it about charter schools that attracts parents to enroll their children in?
  • What is it that parents see that’s wrong with traditional public schools that makes parents want to pull their children from them?
  • At the request of the Stewart Elementary School PTA, Dr. Linda Delgado, Director of Charter Oversight for the West Contra Costa Unified School District conducted a public presentation to try to explain some of the differences between the local traditional public schools and the charter schools located within the geographic jurisdiction of the WCCUSD.

Below are slides from her PowerPoint presentation.  Her presentation was video recorded by Radio Free Richmond and can be seen on YouTube at:








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