Chief Magnus: Recent Crime Stats Show Continued Progress

blogimage.jpgBelow is an update from Chief of Police Chris Magnus which was distributed to the community via email this morning:

Dear Council Members and Others,

I wanted to update you on our crime data through Dec. 1 compared to the same period last year.  As you can see, with the help of the community and through your continued support, most categories of crime show significant decreases.  Obviously, during the holiday season, our challenges in preventing crime are significant.  Please spread the word about the importance of securing packages and purchases out of sight (such as in the trunk) and remembering to lock vehicles every time you’re away from them.  In addition, if you plan to be out of town over the holidays, consider notifying a neighbor you trust so they can help keep an eye on your home.  Most importantly, don’t hesitate to call us to check any suspicious circumstances.  This is how we prevent and reduce crime—by working together.

If you would like any additional information or have any questions, please let me know.

Chief Chris Magnus


Crime through Dec. 1, 2014 compared to same 11 month period in 2013:

Armed Robbery—down 22%

Assault w/Deadly Weapon—up 4% (net increase of 6 crimes)

Assault w/Firearm—down 29%

Attempted Homicide—down 33%

Attempted Robbery—down 36%

Battery w/Injury—up 40% (net increase of 10 crimes)

Carjacking—down 20%

Homicide---down 19%

Rape—down 4%

Strong-arm Robbery—down 17%


Arson—down 30%

Auto Burglary—up 9% (net increase of 63 crimes)

Commercial Burglary—down 32%

Grand Theft—down 2%

Petty Theft—down 12%

Residential Burglary—down 28%

Auto Theft—down 21%




Drug calls—down 32%

Prostitution calls—down 12%

Person w/Gun calls—down 13%

Shots Fired calls (includes ShotSpotter data)—down 38%

Photo courtesy East Bay Express

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