Don Gosney

After last week’s graduations at the Richmond Convention Center, concerns were raised about the level of clean up between events—in particular between Friday evening’s Pinole Valley HS graduation and Saturday morning’s El Cerrito HS event.


In the back and forth commentary posted on social media there were several ‘expert’ explanations about where the responsibility rested about the clean-up.

Radio Free Richmond reached out to Richmond City Manager Carlos Martinez and then to Rochelle Monk, Richmond’s Community Services Director, to help ferret out information so, when the issue is discussed accurate information can be used.

Ms. Monk, with the assistance of Kimberlyn Carson-Thrower (Supervisor for Special Events and Senior Programming), wrote “We definitely don’t want to point fingers, which is why we will coordinate a meeting with the district AND reps from each school to review and revisit our rental policies and requirements.  It is important to note that this past Saturday called for a Herculean and team effort between the two entities.  There were two graduations, three Auditorium staff members, and only 45 minutes to reset between the events (whew).  During our meeting with the school district, we will emphasize the need to better communicate and collaborate for these events.

With years of hosting the district’s graduations and other ceremonies, we realize that it is necessary to annually review our rental policies with the district to ensure these seemingly routine ceremonies hold up to the standards of the City of Richmond as well as WCCUSD.”

Ms. Monk also told RFR that:

  • The WCCUSD was charged $23,742.50 with a 50% DISCOUNT of $11,154.00 for a total of $12,588.50. The WCCUSD was not charged a Floor Cleaning Fee or Deposit.
  • There are two rehearsals and one ceremony each day, which each calls for a different setup per number of graduates. On Saturday there were two ceremonies with only 45 minutes to reset between events.
  • When a client takes control of the venue, the rooms are clean by the client and it is to be returned in the same way. No trash on floors.  Staff will blow/sweep and remove trash from garbage cans.  Anything brought in by clients or guest need to be removed at the end.
  • Facility Staff is responsible for the maintenance of the restrooms.
  • Facility Staff is responsible for hauling away accumulated trash.
  • The District is responsible for arranging for security (including Richmond Police).
  • Each school provides a diagram of how they want the auditorium set up and facility staff is responsible for executing the directives.

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