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Students, staff and administrators of the new Michelle Obama School would love for you to join the celebration and attend the grand opening and dedication of the newly constructed campus on Thursday, October 29, 2020 at 11 AM.

The virtual celebration will take place on the District and Michelle Obama School Facebook pages. Viewers will hear from students, staff and officials as they explore the many features in the new and innovative school and share.

As the first Michelle Obama School in Northern California—and the second in the state— this historical moment will capture the hope of a community and set the bar for excellence and expectations in deeper learning that students will strive to achieve. Be sure to follow the school and District’s Facebook pages to witness the live occasion.GRAND_OPENING___RFR.jpg

From Superintendent Duffy:

We will VIRTUALLY open WCCUSD’s newest school under a new name.

The Michelle Obama School will open virtually at 11 am on Thursday via the District’s Facebook Live (@westcontracostaschools). Again, this is a VIRTUAL OPENING, but it’s significance and symbolism to the Michelle Obama school community and to WCCUSD’s larger community cannot be expressed enough.

Michelle_Obama___RFR.jpgThe Michelle Obama School is the Bay Area’s first flexible learning school that allows students to explore and have agency around their learning.

The Michelle Obama School stands at the intersection of community hope, student voice and a changing future. And all of it was brought together by the Michelle Obama School community.

The new buildings and the new name represents putting students first. Student learning drove the change in building, drove this name change and drove this vision.

We know students need very different things at different times, and these spaces and ways of learning allow us to figure out what they need and how they need it. The children and adults at Michelle Obama School will drive their learning. Students can explore their learning individually, as a group and across grade levels with teachers as the facilitators.

The families in the Michelle Obama School community chose the name because of the former First Lady’s story of perseverance and determination, and her value of education resounds deeply with the students of this community. The vision and learning of the new school and name is focused on mastery and a deep learning that puts the learner front and center.

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