Don Perata: AG Letter Hurts the Community

blogimage.jpgIt has come to our attention that Democratic State Attorney General Kamala Harris last Friday inexplicably and unexpectedly filed an 11th Hour letter challenging the Richmond EIR for its failure to address public safety and air quality issues, among others.

The legal and political effects are likely to be substantial, causing yet another interminable delay of the project's 1000 jobs and environmental benefits. 

Harris' letter would at minimum provide grounds for third party suits based on the AG's allegations, as well as her own legal intentions. (We are mindful of the AG's befuddling lawsuit against SANDAG last year.)  

As an advisor to infill builders, jobs and affordable housing associations that endorse the project, we are flummoxed by the AG's late hitting opposition.

In deference, we intend to contact General Harris before making a public statement. But unless otherwise determined, her action appears a prima facie attack on the final product of years of negotiations by state and local political, labor, regulatory, community and environmental leaders to modernize the refinery and continue to provide vital middle income jobs and tax revenues.

We would be grateful for any insight you might provide. 

Thank you.

Don Perata

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