Former WCCUSD High School Students Now Eligible for Diplomas


Years after leaving school, hundreds of former West Contra Costa Unified School District (WCCUSD) students are now eligible to receive their high school diplomas. 

After meeting all of their graduation requirements — but failing the California High School Exit Exam — many students across California left high school without ever officially graduating. A law enacted earlier this year reverses course. 

This change now makes 1,050 former WCCUSD students who left high school between 2004 and 2015 eligible to receive their high school diplomas.  

At a recent event where over 100 students collected their diplomas, many students were hopeful for the opportunity brought by a high school diploma.

“They’re looking at this as a way to better their positions in life,” said WCCUSD spokesperson Marcus Walton. “Some are talking about going to four-year colleges and universities. They’re hoping to be able to get better paying jobs now that they actually have their diplomas in hand.”

Former WCCUSD students who are now eligible for their diplomas can click here to apply for their diplomas. 


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