Goat Grazing in North Richmond


NORTH RICHMOND- In recent years, North Richmond has suffered from astronomically high rates of illegal dumping. Now, City Officials have landed on a surprising way to address the problem: Add Goats. 

Here’s the thinking: trash concentrates in lots that look abandoned, i.e. overgrown lots. Eliminate the weeds, mulch the area, and you get dramatic reductions in illegal dumping. 

Richmond Code Enforcement officers collect on average 12.09 tons of waste from North Richmond every month. The trash here is not just sidewalk litter, though. These are known illegal dumping destinations, with trucks from surrounding cities bringing in large amounts of waste every day. 

So instead of playing the game of endless trash removal, Richmond’s Love Your Block Initiative wants to put the space to use. Residents will join a herd of voracious goats in North Richmond on November 2 to abate weeds in an overgrown lot at 695 Chesley Avenue and spread awareness about illegal dumping as part of the City of Richmond’s Love Your Block Initiative.  

Neighbors will clean two lots on October 31st in anticipation of the November 2nd goat grazing event and will be taught how to report illegal dumping in progress in the future.  

If all goes well, this will not be a one-time gig; plans are in the works to have goat grazing as part of both Richmond Code Enforcement as well as the Fire Department’s permanent tool kits.  

What: Inner-City Goat Grazing and Campaign to Stop Illegal Dumping 
When: Goat Grazing: Monday, November 2, 10AM-6PM 
Where: 695 Chesley Ave., Richmond, CA 94801
Who: City of Richmond Love Your Block Staff, Contra Costa County, Richmond Code Enforcement, Goats R Us
Why: To engage residents in the effort to stop illegal dumping in North Richmond
More information: http://www.ci.richmond.ca.us/3111/Love-Your-Block-Updates 

More information: Kiana Ward
City Manager’s Office
(510) 620-6552
[email protected] 

Photo: Flickr

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