Greg Feere: Put Us to Work Now

blogimage.jpgGreg Feere, Contra Costa Building and Construction Trades Council CFO, comments on the Chevron Modernization Project.

We’re made up of 30 construction trades unions and over 35,000 men and women.
About 3 years ago we had 1,446 men and women working at the Chevron renewal project.  And through no fault of their own, these people got laid off – people in this room were laid off.  And this happened one and a half months before Christmas.  It impacted families, children and they suffered.
This is not going to happen again.  We are here to make sure this EIR goes forward.  It’s perfect. All the t’s are crossed i’s dotted.  Our attorneys are looking at it to make sure this thing is perfect and we want to see this thing done in a timely manner so we can put these men and woman to work right now.

Greg Feere, CFO, Contra Costa Building and Construction Trades Counil

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