Helping the hungry in Contra Costa County

blogimage.jpgOne in eight people in the area rely on the services of the Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano to feed their families. From the organization’s small start 40 years ago handing out day-old bread from the back of a truck, the Food Bank now regularly serves over 20 million pounds of food a year to the community. As we enter the holiday season, the services of the of the Food Bank grows more important to local families, and so does the need for local volunteers.

During the coming months, “the Food Bank expects to serve 11,550 meals and baskets just in Richmond,” explains Lisa Sherrill, the Food Bank’s Communications Director. “We do this by teaming up with our many partner agencies in the city. They help distribute the meals, and we help coordinate their supply of food.” 

The partnerships between the Food Bank and local organizations work to ensure that no family goes without food. The Bank has more than 180 partner agencies in the area, eleven of which are within Richmond. Together, beyond distributing food, the organizations work to sign up families in need with food stamps and coordinate regular pick-up spots for food.  

Though the holiday season is the busiest time of year for the Food Bank, it doesn’t have any specific holiday program of its own. Instead, it helps facilitate partners’ programs. At the same time, Sherrill emphasizes the need for volunteers in the coming months. “With the increased demand at our food banks, volunteers help make sure that everyone who comes looking for food can be helped. Contacting a local food pantry is usually the best way to volunteer,” she says.  

From serving meals, to donating food, there are many ways to help this holiday season. See the chart below for information on Thanksgiving giveaways, and click here to learn more about volunteer opportunities.


By: Sean Pyles, Staff Reporter

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