Here is who's running in the 2014 Richmond elections


For two out of three elections, last Friday saw the filing deadline for candidates running for office in Richmond. The exception is the full term City Council election, the deadline for which was extended to Wednesday, August 13th. Here is a breakdown of who is running for what as listed on Friday's filing deadline.

In the Mayoral race, Businessman Uwahemu, Councilman Nat Bates, and Councilman Tom Butt are running for the seat. Until early last week, the mayoral race appeared to be set between Uwahemu, Bates, and Mike Parker. In the end, Parker decided not to file his papers. Butt pulled papers last Tuesday and was filed for the race by Friday. As the election stands now, it is a race between the two most  senior figures in City Council -- Bates and Butt -- and Uwahemu, a relative newcomer to Richmond politics.

The City Council has two elections in motion this year. There is a race for a two-year seat, which is currently filled by councilman Jael Myrick. This unusual election is the result of Myrick's appointment to the seat in 2012 after the death of Gary Bell left the seat vacant. For this seat, Myrick is running for reëlection and incumbent Corkey Boozé is also seeking the seat along with Anthony Creer.

The four-year seats have the largest pool of candidates running. Richmond Progressive candidates include current Mayor Gail McLaughlin, incumbent Jovanka Beckles, and Eduardo Martinez. Among the other candidates are Richmond Chamber of Commerce board member   Becky Ross, incumbent Jim Rogers, local businessperson Dameion King, retired Richmond Postmaster Al Martinez, school board president Charles Ramsey, former city councilwoman Donna Powers, and Pastor Henry Washington.

Moving forward, the elections will be picking up speed and there will be many new developments. Radio Free Richmond will provide consistent, in-depth coverage on many angles of these races in the coming months.  

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