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On Thursday, August 25, 2016, Caltrans activated the newest electronic signage elements of the I-80 SMART Corridor Project on a 20-mile stretch of freeway and surrounding roads between the Carquinez Bridge and the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, in Contra Costa and Alameda Counties. 

More than 110 new actively-managed advisory signs are mounted on the roadside in both directions of I-80 or placed on 11 overhead structures spanning I-80 in the westbound direction.  They consist of Lane Use Signs (LUS) and Variable Advisory Speed Signs (VASS).  The signs will remain dark unless a lane-blocking incident occurs on the freeway within the I-80 SMART corridor.  Once a lane-blocking incident is confirmed, the LUS will illuminate with graphical symbols to help guide motorists into the clear lanes. 

↓ (green arrow) =        Open Lanes

X (yellow “X”) =           Motorists Should Prepare to Vacate Lane

X (red “X”) =                Closed Lanes

A public service announcement video explains more at:

VASS also will be used in the corridor to help drivers reduce or adjust their speeds as they approach impacted lanes.

Testing has been underway for several weeks leading up to signage activation.  This process is part of the sequenced activation of the I-80 SMART Corridor. 

Project information can be obtained here:  Completion of the sequenced activation is anticipated by September. 

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