Jackie Thompson: Time to Work Together

blogimage.jpgFormer issues in Richmond are turning into the  realization that "residents can positively live together and make their developments "tenant run" with the assistance of their property management. Many years ago I realized that my niche was "Public Housing and It's Resident".

Currently, I sit as a Housing Advisory Commissioner. It is my passion to work with the residents of housing and their Resident Councils. I am so proud of the Hacienda, Nevin Plaza and Friendship Manor Resident Councils. Not only do the developments have their own Resident Council, but they have began working together "Unity in the Community" is what it is!  These are Resident Councils whose leaders are "on the move".  They have successfully completed Resident Council and Training.  Other subsidized developments in Richmond (Richmond Village and Pullman Pointe) have gone through training to be effective Resident Councils.  We will all work together.  These are issues of the "past".  The Richmond Housing Authority is now in a position to work more efficiently and effectively with their residents.

Current issues identified in Richmond are the 1st Amendment Rights of People being violated.  This had brought a wide division among the Richmond Council and the audience members.  There is a great disparity about who is to be thrown out of City Council members.  There have been some people who NEVER said a word and got put out.  It will be interesting to follow this because the City Council Leadership has violated the rights of the citizens without apologizing for their error(s).  

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