Local Restaurant: Restaurante La Revolución

blogimage.jpgTucked in the Hilltop neighborhood is a little restaurant with a lot to offer. Restaurante La Revolución, a latin-fusion restaurant, is a hotspot for viewing a game or a night out, yet it remains a family restaurant at heart. La Revolución's layout -- and its delicious food -- maintain this harmonious balance.

For the family, there is a surprisingly spacious dining room with latin décor that sets the tone. Rows of colorful flags trace the ceiling, white and blue porcelain vases adorn the tables, and a large sign of light bulbs declares "VIVA LA REVOLUCION" on the wall. On any given weeknight this room is filled with families talking excitedly, sharing chips and salsa, and enjoying the ambience.

Just off of the dining room is a bar area where the real action happens. During the World Cup games this room was filled with spectators sitting at the bar or at one of the many tables available. During the weekend, too, the bar is packed with people enjoying live music and attending special events. 

But even if there wasn't ample seating and regular events, people would still be coming to La Revolución for their delicious and unique food. From the spicy salt lining the margaritas to the oversized hunk of cucumber garnishing the shrimp cocktail, La Revolución has many surprising offerings. Their appetizers come in the form of tapas, mostly, and are perfect to split with a group. The Platanos con Crema -- which is a dish of lightly fried plantains served on a bed of black beans and drizzled with sour cream -- is especially well suited for sharing.

Credit for the well-planned and expertly-executed design of La Revolución is due to the owner, Martin Gonzalez. Gonzalez started in the restaurant business at fourteen as a busboy, and he climbed his way up the ladder over decades. Now, the proud owner of three restaurants, Gonzales still isn't satisfied. With La Revolución, he sees much room for growth on many fronts. "When we first opened," Gonzalez explains, "the menu wasn't quite right. We kept changing it and we finally hit the spot." Gonzalez's menu is sort of a culmination of all of his previous experiences, combining Latin, Caribbean, Italian and Californian influences. His next step? Catering. "I hope to be able to serve all of Richmond," says Gonzalez. "My main goal in cooking is to make people happy. I want to reach as many people as possible."

With everything going on at La Revolución, from weekend events, to an entire menu dedicated to seafood, it takes multiple visits to get the full gamut of what the restaurant has to offer. Fortunately, their menu is very affordable so it will be easy to return often.

Restaurante La Revolución

3190 Klose Way, Richmond, CA

Tel (510) 222-7500

Business Hours:

Open lunch and dinner

Sun-Wed 11 am. - 9:30 pm.

Thurs. and Friday 11 am. - 10:30 pm.

Saturday 11 am. - 12:30 pm.

View their website here







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