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blogimage.jpgGently rocking sailboats and expansive views of the Bay are the first sights to greet diners at All’s Fare. The restaurant, which is located on the edge of the water in Brickyard Cove, is a hotspot for sailors and adventurers in the area. This irregular clientele is the result of the restaurant's location. All's Fare is a little hard to find, but if you’re willing to search for it, the meal is worth the hunt. 

“When we first heard of the place, we wondered why a restaurant would be located here, of all places,” explains Reza Arshad, who owns the restaurant with his wife, Cindy. It was back in 1987 that Reza first heard of the available restaurant space from an ad in the newspaper. He was at first skeptical, thinking the advertisement a scam. When it kept running week after week, Reza and Cindy eventually decided to check it out. The couple wasn’t disappointed with what they found, and they quickly purchased the property.

DSC00178.JPGFor the next 27 years Reza and Cindy transformed the restaurant. What was previously a small deli known mostly for potato salad is now a thriving, though quiet, Mom and Pop-style restaurant. Planted right on the cozy waterfront of Brickyard Cove, the food of All’s Fare reflects a desire for savoring moments.

Club sandwiches stacked high with fresh ingredients and creamy cheese omelettes are among the restaurant’s staples. “We just like serving traditional, American food,” explains Reza. “What makes our dishes different is the years of experience that we bring to the grill, and the ingredients we use.” Their club sandwich is the perfect example of this approach. The turkey, tomato, and lettuce are all noticeably fresh. It’s a simple, straight-forward sandwich that is a go-to for many, and the reliability of the meal is part of what makes it so good.

allsfare.jpg“We mostly get sailors and locals just who stroll in here for breakfast,” says Reza. “They know they can get a simple, hearty meal, and that’s what we give them.” Knowing their customers well, All’s Fare is only open for breakfast and lunch. These dishes allow their customers to sit back and enjoy their meal without a rush.

As a result, service at All’s Fare can be sluggish. This can be either charming or frustrating, depending on your prerogative. Many of the sailors who drift into the restaurant enjoy the slow and easy pace, while travelers passing through town might be better off at the drive-through. 

Whether you’re a sailor hanging out in a boat in Brickyard Cove, a local adventurer in search of a restaurant off the beaten path, or merely someone who enjoys home-style American dishes, All’s Fare has something for you. If you’re not in a rush, drop in for breakfast one morning and enjoy the view. 


All’s Fare
1210 Brickyard Cove Road, Richmond
Tel. (510) 232-1500

Business Hours
Monday - Friday: 9 am - 2 pm
Saturday - Sunday: 8 am - 2 pm 

View their Yelp page here.

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