Local Restaurants: La Flor De Jalisco

blogimage.jpgLooking for a foot-long super burrito on the fly? Head to 21st and Macdonald and look for the large truck planted in the small parking lot. There you’ll find La Flor De Jalisco, which will give you exactly what you want. The food truck has served the Bay Area for years, and in this time it has mastered the art of fast, flavorful Mexican dishes.

The truck itself is fairly unassuming —just a white vehicle with faded paint —but the work that goes on inside has established a cult following of taco lovers. If you stop by for lunch, you’re likely to wait in a line that stretches out of the parking lot and down the sidewalk. Even presented with such a daunting line of customers, La Flor De Jalisco whips out the burritos and tacos with ease. During the peak of lunchtime the typical wait is about 5-7 minutes per order. While handing you your order they’ll even take the time to ask if you want extra jalapeños for the road. 

Simple courtesies like this make La Flor De Jalisco stand out in the expansive sea of vehicular food vendors. In addition, their menu offers unique items for every palette. Beef tongue and pork skin burritos are among their specialties, though they also offer more common dishes like chicken and fish tacos. 

IMG_4264.JPGNo matter what meat you choose, each item at La Flor De Jalisco carries the same general base of ingredients. Start with a tortilla (corn for tacos, flour for the burritos), add in cilantro-covered rice, salsa, choice of meat, veggies, and there you have it. The food sounds basic, and that’s because it is. It’s not that La Flor De Jalisco has an innovative menu, or an exceptionally artisan approach. The taco truck just has really good food. 

There is something intangible about the quality of La Flor De Jalisco that is best discovered by eating there. The culmination of textures and flavors from the juicy meats and hearty ingredients will leave you dizzy with satisfaction. 

While the cooks treat your belly right, don’t expect them to warmly welcome you into their arms. They’re usually too busy —or too disinterested —to strike up a conversation. If you really want to get to know the place, head into the store that the truck is parked in front of. 

The walls outside are wrapped in a mural of a Mexican countryside with large, colorful fruits oddly scattered about. Inside there is a full store featuring a deli, a bakery, and shelves packed with produce and snacks. The family that owns the truck also operates the store, and they have made a family affair out of the operation. One family member will work the register in front while another slices deli meats in the back. Throughout the day, the cooks in the truck will come in for water or a bottle of Jarritos. Their system is efficient and it ensures that La Flor De Jalisco is a one-stop shop for their customers.

La Flor De Jalisco has perfected their recipes. The ingredients probably aren’t organic or particularly farm-fresh, but everything is cooked so well that it doesn’t matter. Chefs turn out lines of hungry customers with skill, and everyone leaves happy. It’s as simple as that. Customers can complete their meals with a pastry or beverage with a quick stop inside the store, and they’re on their way.  Between the truck and the shop, La Flor De Jalisco has everything that a customer may need.

La Flor De Jalisco
2409 MacDonald Avenue, Richmond 

Business Hours:
Monday - Saturday, 8 am - 8 pm 

Lean more on their Yelp page.

Written for Radio Free Richmond by Sean Pyles, Staff Reporter

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