Local Restaurants: Pikanha's Brazilian Steakhouse

blogimage.jpgNeon walls, a bright yellow ceiling and servers with large skewers of various meats quickly bouncing from one table to the next are the sights that greet you upon entering Pikanha's Brazilian Steakhouse. As the name suggests, Pikanha's serves up authentic Brazilian meats, and every aspect of the restaurant pays homage to this rich cultural background and particular cuisine.

The bright colors that bounce off the walls of Pikanha's make the restaurant feel like it is plucked straight from the streets of Brazil and relocated to Point Richmond. The owners themselves come from Brazil, and they brought their sense of decor with them. Between the parade of diverse and unique meats, the colorful decorations, and the friendly staff, a meal at Pikanha's feels like a perpetual street festival.

A meal at Pikanha's feels like a carnival of sorts, with the meat as the main attraction. From items crispy bacon wrapped around juicy, tender chicken, to steak with whole cloves of garlic inside, to a more daring choice like grilled chicken hearts, there is a seemingly never ending supply of delicacies to choose from.

When you sit down at Pikanha's, there are two choices you can make. One is a buffet, which features everything from linguini, to sautéed steak and beans, to an extensive salad bar. If, for some reason, you have a vegetarian in your midst while at Pikanha's, this is the choice for them.

On the other hand, you can choose a meat-filled adventure called the Rodizio. This is the traditional serving style that Pikanha's does best. Originating in Southern Brazil, a Rodizio meal consists of several different types of meats, slow cooked and well seasoned, that come out one after another. The Rodizio option includes access to the buffet, so diners can break up the loads of steak and lamb with a side of rice or beans, too.

Beyond the delicious and diverse food that Pikanha's offers, another perk of enjoying a meal at the steak house is the warm and attentive staff. The restaurant has served Richmond for almost five years now and the owners have made themselves at home in this time. Each customer is welcomed with a warm smile and it's clear they know what they're doing. While offering complimentary fried, syrupy bananas as they talk with customers about the way each item is cooked, their passion for the cuisine shines through. It feels like they are serving you a home cooked meal back in Brazil. This hospitality takes what could be simply a delicious meal to the next level of a full culinary experience.

Pikanha's Brazilian Steakhouse, named after the traditional Brazilian steak, Picanha, serves up some of the best and most authentic Brazilian food not just in Richmond, but in all of the Bay Area. With their diverse and distinctive menu of South American specialties, the restaurant has gathered a strong following. At this rate, it looks like Pikanha's will be serving up many more meals of Rodizio for years to come.

Pikanha's Brazilian Steakhouse
25 W Richmond Avenue, Point Richmond
Tel. (510) 237-7585

Business Hours
Monday - Friday: 11 am to 9 pm

View their website here.

Photo courtesy of their Yelp page.

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