Local Restaurants: Point Richmond Market

blogimage.jpgHalf high-quality deli, half neighborhood grocery — and entirely convenient — Point Richmond Market is an easy spot to get lunch, a mid afternoon snack, or just some produce on your way home. Located in what used to be an historical hotel, the convenience and quality of the Point Richmond Market have established the small store as a cornerstone in the routines of its patrons.

Part of the love for the Point Richmond Market is a result of its location, many can't help but pass it by on their way to work or to school. And, since they’re right there, they might as well stop in for a sandwich or bottle of juice. It’s so reliable that many have made their visits to the Market habitual.

For the lunch crowd, the most popular aspect of the Point Richmond Market is undoubtedly their selection of meats and cheeses. Their Boars Head meats ensure consistent quality, and the wide array of cheeses and fresh breads makes any sandwich highly customizable. On top of that, the sandwiches listed on the menu are all superb, and some even draw inspiration from the surrounding neighborhoods. 

One of the most popular sandwiches, the Point Richmond, comes with hot pastrami, avocado, and gouda. Another favorite is the Brickyard cove, which comes stacked with hot turkey, gouda, and bacon. Top off the meal by pairing a sandwich with one of their sides —like couscous, potato salad, or deviled eggs —and you’ll easily have enough food for two meals. Take this all out to one of the tables outside for a perfect meal in the sun.

menu.jpgOnce you have your fill of sandwiches and sides, be sure to stroll the isles —you’re likely to find other familiar Richmond names scattered throughout the shelves. Most notably, bags of Catahoula coffee are available to purchase. Roasted just a few miles away and sold here, buying Catahoula coffee from the Point Richmond Market is about as local as you can get.

In addition, the Point Richmond Market has some specialty items that can’t be found elsewhere in the city. The hyper-local, organic, ultra-flavorful Three Twins ice cream is found here, and so are a few kinds of soy ice cream that can be hard to come by. The Point Richmond Market looks like any other corner store upon walking in, but with further inspection the store’s diversity and unique flavors become apparent. 

All of this —from the consistently delicious sandwiches, to the full stock of specialty items —is the work of one family. Though ownership of the store has changed hands several times since the building first opened as the Critchett Hotel in 1900, the current owner, Bill Singh, has helped keep the store running strong as a go-to for residents of Point Richmond. 

During the busiest hours Singh can be seen running back and forth between the checkout line in the front and the stockroom in the back, making sure everyone has what they need. Singh is undoubtedly friendly, though he was a little perplexed that we were interested in reviewing his store. “We make sandwiches, and we keep people happy. It’s that simple,”he explained.

Whether you’re there for a freshly made sandwich, or just for some cat food, Point Richmond Market probably has everything you’re looking for. Just be warned: if you stop by during lunch hours, the line is going to be long. 


Point Richmond Market
160 Washington Avenue, Point Richmond
Tel. (510) 233-9044

Business Hours
Monday - Sunday: 6:00 am to 10:00 pm 

View their Yelp page here.

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