Local Restaurants: SaWadDee

blogimage.jpgFrom the outside, Sa Wa Dee’s distinctive signage stands out from the other storefronts along this block of San Pablo Avenue, enticing Richmond residents to try the culinary delights of Thailand. 

Walking in, a guest is greeted by a beautiful interior with a calm vibe. This ambiance creates the ideal location for guests to have a conversation with their meal. There is even an area of the restaurant configured for traditional Thai-style floor tables. A cleverly raised floor in the area under each low table allows diners to hang their feet into the gap rather than sit cross-legged if you choose the traditional seating. Sa Wa Dee also offers standard American-style seating for those not feeling quite so adventurous.

The atmosphere is good, but the food is even better. The soups are incredibly fragrant and flavorful. The spicy noodles are a favorite entrée when we asked a few regulars. We are fond of the Panang Curry cooked with coconut milk and fresh basil. The dish has just the right amount of spice. The Lai Gai Salad composed of grounded chicken, tossed with corieander, onions, and topped with a Thai Lime vinaigrette makes a surprisingly spicy delight.

The food and décor are certainly above par, but the service can be hit or miss at times. We had mixed experience with diligent to slow meal service. While the staff is always friendly, efficiency can sometimes be an issue. Overall, we really recommend Sa Wa Dee as a great destination to sit down and enjoy good conversation with friends over great food. If you are in a hurry, we recommend ordering ahead and getting the food to go.  Sa Wa Dee offers a taste of Thailand in our very own Richmond.

SaWadDee Thai Restaurant
12200 San Pablo Avenue, Richmond, California 94805
Tel (510) 232-5542 

Business Hours: 
Open Lunch and Dinner
Mon-Sun 11:30 am. - 9:30 pm. 

Visit their website here


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