Mike Raccoon Eyes Kinney: Native Resistance and Being a Native Advocate

blogimage.jpgWe, as the Greater Indian Nation, are a strong people. White society has called me a militant. Yes, I am a militant but I carry no gun—I am a soldier for peace. What I really am, is a Native Advocate for more Human and Civil Rights for Indian Country. As a Native Advocate I tell Indian Country that we are Creator's Holy People and that, first and foremost, Native Resistance is a spiritual act.

Historically, we have never lain down as Native People in the face of struggle.

Native Resistance, as said, is a spiritual act. It represents a different kind of power, a different kind of strength and a different kind energy. White society has traditionally responded with both political violence and repression when dealing with us and are nothing less than cowards and murderers in their attempts to try and control us. Being a Spirit Warrior and Native Advocate entails having strong leadership skills and abilities that come from having a good spiritual foundation and experience so it will put you in the position to say from a leadership place: "What is Indian Country willing to do to be successful?"

In order to do as such, the Native Advocate must listen to and feel the Indian Nation, not intellectualize the needs of Our People.

Every step we take, no matter how small, is to understand the needs of Our People as we strive to serve Indian Country as Advocates.  We will increase our bond with them and move us to a higher standard of Native leadership. Each of us in Indian Country must make a spiritual commitment to live by a single standard of conduct—for if we do then our Native and non-Native leaders will have to follow. Each one of us in Indian Country is setting an example for someone else and each one of us has a responsibility to shape the future as we wish it to be in Indian Country.


By: Mike Raccoon Eyes Kinney

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