Next Week in Richmond: Your Guide to Events in the City


Every week Radio Free Richmond highlights events in the city. Here is what's happening from February 19 through February 25.

Check out our events calendar for more happenings in the city, and email [email protected] to share your events!


“The Gamester” at Masquers Playhouse
What: A new play from the community theatre group explores lives of excess in Baroque Paris
When: Friday, February 19, at 8 pm
Where: Masquers Playhouse, 105 Park Place, Point Richmond
Why: Masquers Playhouse gathers some of the best regional talent for community-produced productions. Come out to see their latest play in its final weekend.
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Bay Trail Plant Restoration
What: The regular plant restoration event at Point Isabel 
When: Saturday, February 20, from 9:30 am to 2 pm
Where: Point Isabel, Richmond
Why: Formerly overgrown with invasive species, these regular restoration events have helped turn Point Isabel into a thriving native ecosystem. Come out to help in the effort.
To learn more, call Tom Kelly at (510) 684-6484


Clear Thoughts on Muddy Matter 
What: An artists talk at the Richmond Art Center about Bay Area ceramic artists
When: Sunday, February 21, from 1 pm to 3 pm
Where: The Richmond Art Center, 2540 Barrett Avenue, Richmond
Why: Nancy Servis and John Toki are well known local artists, but many don’t know their back stories. Come out to talk with them about their experience as artists.
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Birding Miller/Knox 
What: A guided birdwatching tour of Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline
When: Monday, February 22, from 9 am to 12 pm
Where: Meet at the first parking lot through the Ferry Point Tunnell, Richmond
Why: Each of the dozens of species in the Bay Area has its own unique call and habitat along the Bay. Come out to the park to learn about this complex world with an expert.
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Storytelling Open Mic
What: Kaleidoscope Coffee, Point Richmond’s newest coffee house, hosts a storytelling open mic
When: Tuesday, February 23, at 7 pm
Where: Kaleidoscope Coffee, 109 Park Place, Point Richmond
Why: An unusual kind of open mic from an unusual sort of coffee shop, Kaleidoscope Coffee’s storytelling open mic is a chance to embrace the art of storytelling while enjoying some of the best coffee in town.
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Freshest Cargo: Mobile Farmers' Market
What: The mobile farmers’ market Freshest Cargo makes its rounds in Richmond
When: Wednesday, February 24, from 10 am to 3:30 pm
Where: Various locations. From 10 am to 11:30, the truck will be at the YMCA located at 263 South 20th Street. From 12 pm to 1:30, the truck will be at Chelsey Ave at Fred Jackson Way in North Richmond. From 2 to 3:30, the truck will be at the Parchester Community Center located at 900 Williams Drive, Richmond
Why: Densely urban environments are often the most difficult places to find fresh produce. Freshest Cargo has a mission to change that, one neighborhood at a time. Stop by for quality food at affordable prices.
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CERT Training
What: A community training program to prepare for emergency situations. Registration is required beforehand, so click the “learn more” link to connect with the organizers.
When: Thursday, February 25, at 7 pm
3506 Cutting Blvd, Richmond
Why: When an emergency happens, sometimes it's everyday people that are at the frontline to help victims. CERT works to educate the public on how to handle these situations.
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