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Lieutenant Felix Tan from Richmond Police Department

The Richmond Police Department is proud to announce a new service for our residents - online reporting option. This web based reporting system will allow the public to file certain incidents over the internet at their convenience. This option is NOT a replacement for emergency calls. Dial 911 for any emergency situations.

The online reportable incidents are for the following types of cases with NO KNOWN SUSPECT(S) with the exception of custody order violations:

  • Custody Order Violation
  • Harassing/Annoying Phone Calls
  • Hit and Run Collisions
  • Identity Theft
  • Lost/Mislaid Property* Theft
  • Trespass to Vehicle or Property
  • Vandalism
  • Vehicle Burglary

If you have a known suspect in any of the aforementioned reportable incidents, please call our Communications Center at (510) 233-1214 and an officer will be assigned.

To file an online report for the listed incidents with no known suspects, visit our police department's website at - click on the blue button that states "Start an Online Police Report."

We expect this internet based reporting service to be very popular among citizens who have come to expect police services to be provided immediately and conveniently online. The service will allow the public to file a report at a time that's best for them without having to wait for an officer to respond or call them back. The public will be able to print a temporary copy of the report upon submission. The report will be reviewed by police department staff and once approved, the filing person will receive an email with a case number and a copy of the report without any cost. The report will transfer into the Richmond Police Department records management system just like reports authored by officers.

This reporting option will allow officers more time to address community needs while keeping pace with the public expectancy to complete services via the internet. We hope our community will appreciate and find this new service to be more convenient and expeditious for their needs.

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