Police advise for caution after home invasions in North and East neighborhood

blogimage.jpgTwo similar and potentially connected home invasions have hit the North and East neighborhood in the past week. The Richmond Police Department is calling for tightened home security in the neighborhood while the investigation is underway.

The first incident occurred last Wednesday, February 4th, in the early morning hours. The suspect, described as a thin black male with long dreads in his 20’s, entered a home on the 2600 block of Clinton through an unlocked window and fled before police arrived.

Again this past Monday, February 9th, a similar incident was reported to the RPD. Around 6:40 in the morning a suspect wearing a mask entered a house on the 600 block of 27th street though an unlocked sliding back door. The suspect presented a hand gun to a resident but was then scared off after the resident screamed and alerted other members of the household. The description of the suspect in the second case is similar to that of the first, leading investigators to believe it is the same individual. 

Home invasions are uncommon in the city, and the manner in which this suspect conducted himself is causing concern among the RPD and residents of the North and East neighborhood. 

“What’s very concerning is that the person committing this crime is not afraid of having a confrontation with someone inside their house,” explains Richmond Police Sergeant Eric Smith.

Police are advising for heightened security precautions at home while the investigation is underway. On top of ensuring that all doors and windows are locked while not in use, the RPD suggests that households have emergency plans and call the police if they see anything suspicious. 

“When reporting something suspicious, time sensitivity cannot be overemphasized,” says Sergeant Smith.  “If it’s suspicious enough that the notice it, or to talk with a neighbor about, I suggest calling the police.”


To report suspicious activity, call the RPD nonemergency number at (510) 233-1214.

If residents have any information related to this case, Sergeant Smith advises them to reach out to him at (510) 620-6647. 

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