Return Your Voted Ballot

Don Gosney


The Presidential Primary is next Tuesday with options for voting for candidates for the Presidency, the US Senate, State Assembly, State Senate, two statewide propositions, two local propositions and selecting representatives for the local party Central Committees.

In recent years the trend has been to vote by mail.  It’s quick, it’s easy, it saves time.  BUT, it has to be in the hands of the Elections Office no later than the closing of the polls at 8:00 PM on Tuesday June 7th.

If you are mailing your ballot in, it should be in the hands of the USPS before their last pick up on Friday to ensure delivery in time.

The envelope MUST be signed and don’t forget to affix the correct postage.  In Richmond this is 68¢ (or two first class stamps).

If a voter chooses to deliver it in person, they can, of course, go to any polling station and drop off their ballot or they can take it directly to the Elections Office in Martinez.

For a complete list of drop off locations visit the Elections Office website at:

If you need a replacement ballot for any reason, please call the Contra Costa County Elections Office at (925) 335-7900 or email

[email protected]

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