Don Gosney: Richmond Campaign Financing Hypocrisy

Don Gosney

blogimage.jpgPosted by Don Gosney in response to the recent story by Robert Rodgers in the Contra Costa Times entitled "Another heated election looms in Richmond."

We frequently read and hear about how Big Oil, Big Soda, Big Banks, Big Labor, Big Anything is trying to control Richmond’s elections.  I’ve been voting in Richmond since 1972 and I can’t recall a single election where any one, any business or any entity put a gun to my head and forced me to vote one way or another. I do recall, however, being provided with information that allowed me to make an informed decision and I recall having the free will to decide my own fate every time I voted.

That differs, however, from what we often see on our City Councils where there may be a controlling body that ignores a large part of the populace they swore to represent.  If I were an outsider I might think that instead of being controlled by Big Oil, Big Soda, etc, that they’re being controlled and manipulated by the social club/political party they swore a different oath to.
I never understood, though, and maybe someone can educate me, how the RPA candidates swear off of contributions from Big Business and condemn candidates that take money from Special Interests yet three years ago the RPA candidates and their associates allowed Big Casinos and Big Card Clubs to campaign on their behalf pouring gazillions of dollars to get them elected and to defeat their opponents.  Strangely, we never heard a word from these RPAers demanding that these Special Interest groups cease and desist.  And already this season we’ve seen RPA candidates approach Special Interest groups like Big Labor asking for their support.
They do, however, depend largely on campaign funding from the City of Richmond—much of which comes from Big Oil in the form of taxes.  I recall another cult calling this “Bleeding the Beast”.
I’m also curious, has RPA spokesperson Andrés Soto moved from Solano County back into Richmond? I know how much these RPAers verbally crucify other people who come into Richmond to tell us what to say, what to think and what to do.  I just wondered if those feelings of ill will applied to their own outsiders.

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