Richmond Paves Way for Greater Marketing Effort


The Richmond City Council approved a retooled marketing bureau last night. The program is part of a broader effort to rebrand Richmond and make easier for the City to market its many unique features. 

The plan was simple, albeit technical. The Council dissolved the Richmond Tourism Business Improvement District and formed the Richmond Tourism Marketing District in its place. The organizations are essentially the same, but simply by placing the word “marketing”into name of the district, the organization has more liberty in how it spends its $280,000 annual budget.

The item was a public hearing, but no members of the public signed up to speak and all present members of the Council approved it.

Approval of the measure comes just one day after the mayor’s office announced progress in their rebranding endeavors. Mayor Butt has raised half of the $100,000 needed to kick off the branding and marketing campaign. 

These funds will be used for phase one of the endeavor —hiring a consulting group to analyze how to best market Richmond. Phase two will involve more community outreach. 

“Phase two will include extensive and meaningful outreach to our Richmond community stakeholders to help us develop our city’s message,”Mayor Butt said in a press release. “No one knows how to market our city better than our own residents.”

The revamped marketing endeavors are part of the Mayor’s greater plan to tap the economic boom that has been slow to reach the city and to clarify the image of the city.

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Photo courtesy City of Richmond

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