Richmond to Establish Tool Lending Library (Part 2)

Don Gosney


The City of Richmond plans to emulate the success of the tool lending libraries of Berkeley and Oakland by offering residents the opportunity to borrow the kinds of tools they might need to maintain their homes.

Right now the City is soliciting tools and funding from citizens, labor unions, businesses and contractors to populate the library. 

Kiana Ward ([email protected]  620-6552) and Guadalupe Morales ([email protected]  620-6553) are spearheading this effort on behalf of the City.  Anyone wanting to donate new or used tools or the funding to purchase new tools, should reach out to Kiana and Guadalupe.

Kiana and Guadalupe can provide a list of the tools they need and answer any questions.

While slightly used tools can be donated, this is not a place to dump worn out tools that are no longer of any use.

Once the Library has enough tools they can open their doors to offer this great opportunity to the people of Richmond.  A suitable location and the hours and terms are still being worked out.


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