Those Who Do Not Remember The Past

Don Gosney


Sometimes horrific things happen and over the course of time people tend to forget about them. 

Then we have the newer generations of young people who may never have even heard of these events. 

Just a month back we saw so many young people who really didn’t know anything about what happened on September 11th, 2001; how it changed the world as we know it and how so many of us are still shaken when we think back to that day.

The same goes for November 18th, 1978 when so many of us here in the Bay Area were glued to our TVs waiting for news about our friends and relatives living—and dying—down in Jonestown as Jim Jones murdered 918 people.

As we approach this anniversary, we invite people to write to us with their remembrances.  Tell us if you lost friends or relatives.  Tell us how it all affected you back then and even now.  Help us to share so we won’t forget.

Please email me at:

[email protected]

so I can put together a retrospective.

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