Tom Butt E-Forum: 2013 Campaign Indicators

blogimage.jpgRe-posted from the Tom Butt E-Forum: It is still a bit of a mystery how the 2013 Richmond City Council and mayoral campaign is shaping up, but perusing the campaign filings with the Richmond city clerk can show at least where the activity is.

Anyone who receives a contribution and wants to use it in a campaign must at least file a Form 410, which is typically preliminary to filing an actual campaign committee. According to the City Clerk’s Office, so far, the following have filed either Form 410 or 460:


Uche Uwahemu

Charles Ramsey


Jael Myrick

Eduardo Martinez

Marilyn Langlois

Corky Booze′

The Clerk’s Office does not show Forms 410 on the City website.

Existing officeholders may transfer any leftover funds from previous campaigns into a new campaign. Following is a list, with current balances, of existing officeholders campaign filings for the year ending 2013:

  • Gayle McLaughlin for Mayor 2010                                         $29.32
  • Friends of Nat Bates 2012                                                      $26,448.00
  • Jovanka Beckles for Richmond City Council 2014               $2,491.84
  • Corky Booze for Richmond City Council 2014                      $8,449.82
  • Tom Butt for City Council 2012                                              $9,223.00

In addition, the BMW PAC, controlled by Nat Bates has $30,811.00

Re-posted from the Tom Butt E-Forum

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