Richmond Pulse: Where Do You Feel Safe in Richmond?


Originally printed in the Richmond Pulse, 3/15/16


EDITOR’S NOTE: The shooting deaths of a 14, 15 and 21–year-old in Richmond this month have rocked the community and have youth advocates and community leaders looking for answers. In light of the recent killings, Richmond Pulse asked young people where they felt most safe and where they felt least safe. Here is what they had to say.

The RYSE Center

For me, there’s no safe spot or scary spot, it’s just how you feel. Anything can happen. As a young woman in Richmond, you’re taught to hold your own ‘cause the streets don’t play.

I feel safe at home and at the RYSE Center. RYSE is like someone else’s home because people care about them and try to help them. Everybody looks out for each other. They are able to be themselves. They’re always trying to make sure we feel safe.

-Ashley Thomas, 17

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