Richmond Standard: President Obama ‘bugged’ about Richmond space weapons resolution


Even President Obama has dealt with fallout from the recent Richmond resolution banning space weapons, which was proposed partly to appease conspiracy theorists who believe government patented technologies are purposefully causing citizens mental and physical harm.

Inspired by Richmond’s action, a concerned Colorado man sent the president a lengthy letter (posted below) seeking to stop the use of covert space weaponry, including a “kill switch” he says is “capable of causing spontaneous heart failure or stroke.”

The letter to President Obama has added to the criticism of the Richmond resolution, which was proposed by Councilmember Jovanka Beckles and which passed with support from her fellow Richmond Progressive Alliance (RPA) members on council. Vice Mayor Jael Myrick, who is not an RPA member but voted in favor of the resolution as an anti-war initiative, later expressed regret over the decision, saying it embarrassed the city and negatively impacted the mentally ill and their loved ones, who say it recklessly validated the delusions.

Also, Richmond police Chief Chris Magnus says his department has been overwhelmed by calls from people around the world who believe they’re being targeted, as they now believe the city is a sanctuary for such individuals.

The Colorado man who sent the letter to President Obama also sent a thank you email to Mayor Tom Butt saying Richmond is “ahead of the curve,” but added the matter requires federal involvement.

“We’re not reporting Martian sightings,” the man wrote.  “We’re saying a satellite can track and monitor us, and connect with our brains.”

The negative reactions have not brought Beckles, who works as a mental health specialist for the county, down to Earth. In a testy letter to Mayor Butt that was re-posted on Radio Free Richmond, the RPA member says she’s had it up to here with space case criticism. She feels she’s being “targeted” by the mayor, who opposed the resolution for the simple reason that the issue of space weaponry is above the heads of city officials.

“The basic concept—that we want space to be weapon free—I believe is something that most of Richmond supports,” Beckles said.

But in the letter, the councilmember did not acknowledge the negative impacts her resolution has had on the mentally ill. She did, however, agree the city’s police department should not be preoccupied by phone calls from around the world.

“I have communicated myself with the Police Chief and we agree that our PD should not be taking time to respond to numerous communications on this issue,” Beckles said.





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  • Haylex Merlot
    commented 2022-06-06 21:12:17 -0700
    It would cause war and mass hysteria if the real truth got out and these classified programs funded on tax dollars this technology is death in the wrong hands the power & evil behind it is scary. Look up the air traffic control lists you cannot hide that anyone flying has to be logged with Air traffic control and a reason stated they are flying that zone. The government has been doing illegal medical testing, white Americans just thought it would never happen to them!
  • Haylex Merlot
    commented 2022-06-06 21:05:16 -0700
    This letter is absolutely the truth! The problem is law enforcement cannot keep up with crime! Air traffic control reports will show all the satellite activity you cannot just fly in any air space using satellite without it being tracked. I have video of these drones I’ve been followed by them. See the technology is so advanced and they know the only explanation in the books boots people over to mental health. No your not crazy, no your not delusional. This program exists, it’s just very classified. The problem is , how disrespectful some of these people are who run the programs. Recording your every thought and every intimate moment. You literally have to pray daily just to get through the mental prison they try to put you in 24.7. Idk how or why they choose certain individuals i image there’s a formula to the targets they choose. This technology is in the wrong hands those trying to play god, and those turning a blind eye allowing this to happen to innocent people is sick. No different than when they injected a 100 black men with syphllis, or put them in human zoos, MK ultra, or the illegal medical testing on blacks with no anesthesia. Decades from now this will all be uncovered and the government these rouge officers and who ever else is involved will pay for their evilness.
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